LFG Tool is AOK.

I’ve been having some pretty great success with the LFG Tool.

Yes, it’s with my level 74 DK, but the tanks I’ve been grouped with, each and every one a Paladin, has done very well, and the healers have let very few die, and the DPS isn’t incompetent from what I can tell.

So far, in the mid-70’s range, I’ve been to Gundrak, Drak’Tharan Keep, Utgard Keep, Nexus, Ankahet, and Azjol-Nerub.  I’ve gotten a spiffy sword, bracers, and a chest piece I can’t wear for 2 more levels.  And a few enchanting mats that’ll find a good use.

All in all, this LFG Tool has worked amazingly well and fits an obvious niche in the gaming experience.  This has got Warhammer’s Public Quests beat like old batter.

P.S. Let me apologize for my spam filter.  I didn’t realize how many “non-spam” comments it would be catching.  I will keep better tabs on comments that might be pending that aren’t spam and release them.


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