3.3 Thoughts

Lag, lot’s of it, once I managed to get on.  It seemed to go away after a few hours.  The ZOMG NEW CONTENT rush off to Icecrown must have fixed that.

Titanium, and lots of it.  Via Alchemy, of course.  No more Titantium Transmute cooldown.  I’ve seen it where I collect 200+ Saronite Ore just trying get 6 Titanium Ores to have the 3 bars to make the 1 Titansteel Bar.  Now I simply need to collect 24 bars of Saronite (or 48 ore) to create the 3 Titanium bars.  That’s about 1/3 to 1/4 the Ore Mining required to get a Titansteel bar produced.  Sweet.  Maybe I’ll craft two more Titansteel Destroyers for our Deathknights.  (I’ve already 8 Titansteel bars created, and just need another 8.  It’s kind of trivial to make at this point.)

Glyph of Eternal Water.  The thing I was looking forward to most in 3.3 was getting the Glyph of Eternal Water for my wife’s Mage.  Now she’s got a permanent Water Elemental pet.

Battleground XP.  It exists, and has gotten a boost.  My level 72 Deathknight was getting about 12-13k experience for a Balinda kill.  That’s way up from previously.  In 2-3 AV’s and a WSG I made 10% of a level.  Not terrible.  (This will let me level up and save the quests to do with my wife.) 

To those who think “72 in AV?  You’re a waste of a slot.” I say “au contraire.”  My role in Alterac Valley is to harrass enemy players.  I keep them from stealthing to the bunker flag with a death & decay circle that I maintain.  I’ve never seen a stealther attempt it, so I think it works.  And the cooldown = the duration, so that helps too.  And then there’s the “Hey, where are you going?  Come, meet my friends.” move.  I make a point of bringing in stragglers to where my side can effectively destroy them with the least amount of effort.  “Here, have another Shaman.”  Folks already ride past me, assess my level, think they’ve got an easy kill, dismount and come at me.  I position myself to snag them and bring them into a group, and they’re undoubtedly thinking “Oh, look.  Free lunch!”

Now it was in Warsong Gulch where this worked real fine.  Death and Decay is a great support for the flag carrier.  I’ll drop it ahead of the runner.  If someone gets past me I’ve got chains of ice, and a deathgrip, to pull them back.  My first time in WSG (I went since it was the daily, earning me gold, xp, honor, and arena points (woohoo!)) we managed a perfect game.  And I was 3rd or 4th in Killing Blows.  “Mind the Death Knights, they bite.

I was thinking the Argent Crusade and the Tournament would be all into the Ice Crown assault thing.  No.  The tournament remains unchanged.  No new “Make Arthas’ life suck” dailies or anything like that.

I did pick up a quest.  Go see Lady Sylvanas in the Forge of Souls.  Isn’t that a dungeon?  The quest doesn’t say so.  It’s not a group quest.  Uh.  Okay.  So I go, I figure I’ll stick my head inside, find the Lady, and turn in the quest.  Oh no, no can do.  Forge of Souls is an instance.  An instance, you guessed it, that can’t be found.

Anyway, that’s my first night with 3.3.  8 thoughts, so 4.7 apologies.


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2 Responses to 3.3 Thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    How does D&D help the fc? Is it to neutralize midfield rogues? I would think the fc would pass through it in two seconds.

    Thanks for the read.

  2. Kinless says:

    Yeah, I don’t know.

    For some reason I figured there was a stun component in the spell.

    Or I seemd to think it slowed folks down, somehow.

    But what I’m finding it does neither. But it’s good for finding rogues at least. Deathgrip and Chains of Ice will have to do. 🙂

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