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Grind & Craft, now PvP.

I’ve got five level 80 characters.  Four of them are Crusaders.  I don’t have the time, or inclination anymore, to get the fifth to Crusader, or anyone else in the “up and coming” ranks either.  The fifth started the process, but given he’s my … Continue reading

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What I take away from the Pardo interview

What happens when a hardcore guildmaster of hardcore raiders designs a game: World of This Prologue You come from a humble background and are brought to the big city to prepare yourself for the war you’ve only heard about. Chapter 1 Level … Continue reading

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New Pet, $10.00. Psycho Tendency Assuaged, Priceless.

I saw this freakish little scene up by the tournament: Druid in Tree Form, just standing there. (I was killing Cultists.) It was not. It was just standing there. Seems they had gotten a new pet, the Lil K.T.. And … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Origins

First off, we weren’t going to get this game.  I wasn’t totally thrilled with the trailers I’d seen (I thought the graphics looked dated).  The wife was thinking between WoW, Lotro, occasionally Warhammer, when would she get a chance to … Continue reading

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Ahead by a Century

Ahead by a Century I don’t know why exactly, but I love this song by the Tragically Hip, a Canadian group. I first heard them, this song, listening to Iceberg on Sirius radio.  After seeing the cool video on YouTube I … Continue reading

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