Account bound

I’ve noticed something recently.  The pets they’re giving us are account bound.  Mr. Chilly, Onyxian Whelpling, the Polar Bear Cub.

I’ve been learning the pets and then just deleting them out of my bag.  Some pets you learn and they disappear from your inventory.  I was annoyed that some didn’t disappear and you had to manually delete them from your bags.

But wait.  That may have been an “Account Bound” item.  (Worse, it may have become an Account Bound item some recent patch.  I don’t pay that much attention to the finest of minutiae perhaps.)  You can send your Account Bound items to your Goblin Warlock next year.  If you managed to store it away in some characters bank account.  They’re like Heirlooms, but don’t have the tan item “quality”.

Anyone already delete all their Account Bound items in interest of saving bag space?

Sheepish /raise.

R.I.P. Baby Blizzard Bear.  Sorry for sending you into Oblivion with the latest alt’s deletion.


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One Response to Account bound

  1. Niniel says:


    I’ve thought about that too. Maybe we’ll be lucky to get some sort of pet vendor where you’ll be able to reclaim account bound lost pets just like you can reclaim lost tabards today.

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