The kindness of strangers

Several incidents come to mind.

Now I’m usually just floored by the anti-social behavior of folks in-game.  Parking a mammoth on a blood pool you need to fish for the fishing daily.  Snowballs to knock teammates off the bridge outside of Stormpeak.  All sorts of things.

But what about moments where you think to yourself “Hey, that was nice of them.”

A Rogue in Elwynn Forest gave my Death Knight on Steamwheedle Cartel 164 pieces of Wild Turkey.  (That’s enough to take cooking to 350 for two people.)  (Thanks so much, Alleybash.)

The random “gratz” I got at various holiday tables as I was making achievements cooking.  I get in a zone sometimes, and it’s half mechanical going through “the motions,” but when somebody notices something, and pointedly, via whisper, brings it to your attention that they notice, it puts the “social” back in “multiplayer.”  Thanks to you all.

To the Rogue in Orgrimmar on Kirin Tor.  Who agreed to go meet the Human Ambassador from Stormwind City, who was there for the food, but also desired to meet an Orc of the Roguish persuasion, so he could feather him.  You didn’t have to leave the gates to go get shot, but you agreed to it.  Thanks!

And to all the level 1 Rogues, of all Races, who made their way to Dalaran, to spend a little time in very public places and dance, and be feathered, and cleanse yourself for another feathering.  You guys are selfless.  (I chatted with one, who had created two of the level 1 characters we were seeing, one on her machine, one on her husbands, and thanked them because Effilda earned her achievement that way.)

(What I found odd, with Garona such a popular lore figure, that there’s so few Orc Rogues.  Perhaps with Rogues now able to use axes, and Orcs having an affinity for them, perhaps we’ll see more Orc Rogues.  But that’s not the point of the post.)

Thanks to the good folks out there, and being visible, bringing the “social” to the forefront in the game.


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