350 Cooking for about 15g.

Tobold brought this up the other day.

I guess I’m an “uphill, in the snow, both ways” kind of guy.

I actually slaughtered boars outside Karanos, Raptors outside of Theramore, Ravagers outside of Honor Hold, etc., to level up my cooking so I was prepared to cook the hardest holiday recipe this Pilgrims holiday was going to offer.  I read it was 330, and by gum, I leveled up to 330 Cooking the usual way.  And, by gum, I liked it.

However, as Tobold pointed out, Blizzard is making a gift to you all.  For 15 gold, the price of the various materials you can buy right there, you can level from 1 to 350 cooking simply by visiting the 3 capital cities and making a sidetrip to Northrend to get Cooking Master.

My level 58 Death Knight, on my “alts when I’m bored” server, with 22 gold to his name, is now at 349 cooking.  (I mean I can wait on that final point.)

Bear in mind: 350 cooking lets you do the Dalaran cooking dailies.  (There may be, however, a level restriction to that as well.  I’m not sure.)

So, if you’re so inclined, and have an alt somewhere that you think could be a cook, then this is the chance.  15 gold, some legwork, and a couple hours, and you’re set.  (And it’ll get you the Pilgrim outfit, attire, hat, and boots, as well.)

Blizzard is showing you some love this holiday season.  Or they’re just dumbing it down, relentlessly.  Perhaps that’s the plan.  Give everyone everything, and when “The Next Big Thing,” “aka WoW 2” comes out, and offers an experience for the “seasoned” and “experienced” Warcraft player, perhaps we’ll once again have our hill to climb.  In the snow.  Uphill both ways.  And we’ll be queued up outside the door, in the cold, at midnight, waiting to get our hands on our copies.

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