Dragon Age: Origins

First off, we weren’t going to get this game.  I wasn’t totally thrilled with the trailers I’d seen (I thought the graphics looked dated).  The wife was thinking between WoW, Lotro, occasionally Warhammer, when would she get a chance to play?  And it’s $50.00.

But there we were, in Best Buy, and thinking (Logitech G35 headset already under one arm), “Eh, why not.  It’s supposed to be pretty good.”

And I’ve got to say, YOW!  It’s really much, much better than I was expecting.  The graphics are over the top really, really nice.  The fire effects, the armor pieces, the environments, they all look spectacular.

You’ve heard of the Uncanny Valley?  You won’t find it on this map.  Oh, the old people look a little odd, but for the most part, the people look really very nice and varied.  Hardest to make well typically, the Dwarf women looked really nice and pleasant.  Generally, the faces are incredibly good looking.  If you can imagine what’s “good looking” you can make that face.

Story wise, I’ll admit, we did not finish the game.  Not even in the slightest.  What we did, the wife and I, was play through several of the opening sequences.  Each of the races and class backgrounds, and I’m assuming sex as well, has it’s own storyline.  Play a Human and you start out the son of a noble.  Play a Dwarf and you can be a noble, or a ruffian.  Play a wood elf and you start out harrassing the hapless humans.  Play a City Elf and you are on the rough side of town, and the humans are out to make your life a living hell.  (Because Humans are punks that way.)

The Human start was normal enough.  What you’d expect.  That was my first run through.  Next I created a forest, i.e. Dalish, elf.  Interesting.  Very fitting.  (I was shocked at how abusive they were to the humans they’d found.)  I then created a Dwarf to see things from that angle.  I picked the ruffian start and man, this is adult stuff.  Your sister is involved in what???  I really liked his dwarven sidekick.  Guy with black cornrow braids?  Reminded me so much of a Vin Diesel type with his attitude, both in voice, manner, and appearances, and the humor evident in his eyes.  Now my wife created a Human Mage and she started out someplace completely different.  (And gets hit on by some Templar guy, who would have killed her, not that he’d want to, “But, hey, what are you doing later?”)  Then she created a City Elf woman, and the story she went through… Wow.  (Her story explains why elves would sooner shoot a Human dead than humor them.)  That’s some heavy hardcore stuff.  Speaking of which, the feather’s on Morrigan’s shoulder armor look incredible.

But I haven’t mentioned the blood.  It’s everywhere.  I mean, get the plastic sheeting out, Patrick Bateman’s coming to visit.  It’s just over the freaking top.  Even arachnids spout blood like some italian fountain and the stuff gets everywhere.  Well, everywhere on you, the corpse, and then forms a puddle under the body.  (Everything else is, thankfully, still pristine.)  The blood is way, way, way over the top.

Now we also haven’t got to the noody caboody parts yet, and the “sex,” so who knows how well done that is.  (Tasteful, or like the blood, off the wall and into the realm of teenage boy fantasies.)

There’s some very adult language and situations, and a lot of blood, but, so far, it’s turned out to be well worth the price.  We give it two thumbs up.


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5 Responses to Dragon Age: Origins

  1. Gravity says:

    That was a good read thanks, had wondered about the game too after so much twitter traffic on it.

  2. Kinless says:

    The wife found the “persistent gore” switch so it’s an all or nothing deal. We’re running “nothing” at the moment.

    It was fairly linear through what I understand now to be the intro, but now I find myself in the first village and options are opening up left and right of me. Do I free the prisoner? Do I take on the lady in priest robes (and ditch a current partymember)? And nevermind the fact that there’s alliances to form, etc..

    I did pursue freeing the prisoner and wound up offending the Great Mother (or some such) when I threatened her for the key. (An accidental key press actually.) So I backtracked, left him in his cage and proceeded.

  3. Whiffle says:

    Yeah, I agree a lot about the blood in game. Way over the top.

    But I’m thoroughly the storylines in the game and really liking the take on the Human-Elf relationship in the game .. wow is right. Give me a good story, and I’m hooked.

    I’ve only just finished the Joining Ritual to become a member of the Grey Wardens, as a mage no less.

    Hope you are keeping well.

  4. Tuna says:

    I’m am currently on my first playthrough as a Human Mage and have been hooked.

    I’m well over 50hrs played, and the stat sheet says im only 55% through the main storyline.

    Great game.

  5. Lee P. says:

    This is a great head set for the PC. I love the adjustable cross bar. I can add a pad to the head set so it fits my 8year old son’s head. Remove that pad, put another in place and it fits my head snuggly!

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