A Fool and his Durability…

I don’t know why this thought occurred to me, but it did, and it was “A fool and his durability are soon parted.”

I was thinking that when I got invited to a Chillmaw/Commanders group.  I was the 3rd person to the group.  And with me they were ready to go.  “They” being a Ret Pally and a Priest.  And the Ret Pally wasn’t putting a shield on and switching specs to Prot.  Meaning I wasn’t going to cat this one, but bear it.

And I’d just, moments before accepting the invite, been fooling around with my action bars.  And while Chillmaw was hammering me I was wondering where my Maul button was.  (“Why do I have a blank space there where a button should be?  Like a Maul button?”)  But I had my Swipe button.  And I had my Growl button.  And we all three lived to walk away from the fight.  Yay.

So my action bars were a mess, kind of, they looked orderly, because, on the recommendation of pwnwear.com (great site) I switched from Bartender 4 to Dominos.

I also picked up an add-on called OptionHouse which reports to me what add-ons are loaded, and what resources they’re gobbling up.

Because I’ve been having issues.  Memory issues.  What?  See, I crash a lot lately.  Icecrown has become Lagcrown.  I herk and jerk across the landscape, I actually lose visibility of my entire interface (without ctrl-z-ing for it) in places when I fly too close to the ground.  (Like a Druid herbalist does a lot.)

Anyway, my fix last night, while the wife played LotRO, was threefold, and based on recommendations from pwnwear. 

OptionHouse, Dominos, TweakWoW.

I loaded OptionHouse.  I saw that Autobar consumed the most memory at 5%+ or so.  That’s a chunk of memory.  But I can’t live without it.  Gathermate took another 5% or so.  I can’t live without that either.  Healbot came in around 3%.  Huh?  So I dropped Healbot since I’ve always had Grid loaded as well.  (Clique + Grid2 should do me for what I’m doing now.  I’m not a healer type at the moment.)

(I’ll have to work an alternative to using AutoBar.)

I noted that Bartender4 was pulling 2.5%.  And after I loaded Dominos I saw it was only pulling about .5%.  Not a bad improvement.  And I’m sure I could do this with Bartender4, but being new to Dominos, and doing some initial playing around with things, I actually managed to very easily configure my bars for my Druid forms.  And not just my usual Bar #1.  I can now have multiple bars shift when I shift.  Kind of a nifty thing.  (I’m a by the numbers keyboard user, I like to push 1-2-3-4 in something like a “rotation,” so having less-often used spells on the bar above, that’s still form specific, is nice, and keeps my fingers from having to move all over the place.)

(Hmm.  Maybe I’ve found my alternative to AutoBar afterall.  If I can swap bars as I go in and out of combat I may be on to something.)

Anyway, the third add-on is TweakWoW.

Now the thing that sparked my interest was pwnwear.com’s mention about how TweakWoW was updated recently to take into account multiple cores.  Say what?  The number of cores in the processor on my motherboard.  Hmm.  I’m always thinking “modern = two core processor”.  And doesn’t my box say “Core 2?”  Yeah.  But it also says “Core 2 Quad.”  I’ve got 4 cores.  And I knew that since I run a Widget that shows me 4 cores working as I work on my machine.  But I never thought much of it.  I assumed the WoW client would take advantage of what I had and use it to it’s fullest if I told to give me the Cadillac version of the game experience.  Oh?  No.  No, it does not.  I was shocked.  So, using TweakWoW I told WoW that I had 4 cores, not 2.  Four.  And, for some reason, my texture memory was at the minimum setting.  Hmm?  I’ve got a Gateway FX computer.  One of the negatives given in a review of it was that it had a ridiculous amount of memory on it.  6 Gigs.  That’s right, somebody thought “That’s just too much.”  And, TweakWoW advised that I should up the texture memory level (if my machine could handle it) to improve performance in places like Dalaran.  Oh, yeah?  So I upped it from 8MB to 320MB if memory servers.

And so with all these changes I loaded up and into Dalaran.  Hmm.  Was I imagining things, or did everything look … better?  The real test was to go scour Icecrown for ore with my Paladin.  Sweet.  It was smooth as butter.  And that’s with a lot of settings already maxed, or bumped up some from what I already had.

So, thanks to the advice I found over at pwnwear.com, things are running a little smoother again.

Oh, yeah, pwnwear also has a lot of Deathknight analysis.  I respecced Cenotaph into his Blood + Pale Horse leveling spec so that might be amusing.


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One Response to A Fool and his Durability…

  1. Gravity says:

    Amusing? 🙂 It’s pwnage! I’m glad those tips helped you too, though. Low FPS in WoW is a horrible thing no-one should endure.

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