An essential add-on for the music lover.

I use a lot of add-ons.  Ones I’ve come to enjoy using are Outfitter, Pitbull 4 (much easier to use than 3), Bartender 4, Combuctor (for bags), MrTrader (a new tradeskill addon).  But those are essentials.

My favorite, alright, a favorite, happens to be one called EpicMusicPlayer.  If you’ve amassed a large number of cd’s over the years, like I have, and then converted them all to MP3 to listen to on nearly every generation of MP3 player there’s been, then you’d be in luck.  The out-of-game playlist generator is very easy to use, and the in-game player is the best I’ve ever seen.  (You can turn off the dancers.)

I’ve been listening to outside music while playing since my Molten Core days.  If I was quiet in vent that was why.  (Just chilling to the sounds of lounge music.)  But it’s better to have in-game control over your music.

Anyway, since I don’t want to overwhelm the system with the 1000’s of mp3s I just put a few play lists together.  I’ve got one of Chill (143 tracks), House (“Let this house be Progressive!” SM-Trax, and 136 other tracks), Buddha Bar (9 double cd’s worth, or 285 tracks), Chillout in Paris (98 tracks), B-Tribe (59 tracks (I should be in Ibiza, no?)), Collective Soul (Gel, and 46 other tracks), Latin (44 tracks, Caminando Por La Calle, by the Gypsy Kings, a favorite), African (96 tracks, Todii by Oliver Mtukudzi I really like), Green Day (48 tracks, American Idiot+), the 70’s (Kasey Casem works on in 135 tracks), Nirvana Lounge (108 tracks).  And I still don’t have enough loaded.

Coming into the Argent Tournament grounds, flying in on a Griffin, circling above the ice and water, listening to Atman, Path of Love, is an experience.  (Of course that entrance scene is pretty cool with any music.)


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