Let’s see.  Threes.

Stormsoul’s become my third Crusader.  I pretty much wrapped up my Argent Crusade dailies with 3 remaining reputations hovering at, or near, 99%.  Time to turn in the 4 writs I’d earned.  Playing a balancing act I used 1 writ each for Undercity and Darkspear, and 2 writs for Silvermoon.  Argh!  Now I was solidly 99% for each repuation at this point.  Sure, I could just wait a day and do the dailies one more time. … I’m too impatient for that.  Off to Orgrimmar.  Because I could also add another seasonal brewmug to my collection.  (Now I have blue, yellow, and green mugs in the inventory of several characters.  Which brings to mind Roy G. Biv.  I.e. the rainbow.  Colors left for next years mug:  Red, orange, indigo, or violet.  Red or orange would be very appropriate for the events forthcoming.  But, tonight I’m going to party like it’s nineteen ninety nine.  Warrior’s, appropriately, can dual wield two mugs, and can load up on, and then put away, twice the beer with every visit to a keg.  I was seeing Pink Elekks long after I’d returned to Northrend.)

Oh, wait, sidebar aside, where was I?  Ah yes.  Repuation.  (Heh.)  So after collecting my green mug outside of Orgrimmar, I traveled to Razorhill.  I killed some of the motly crew of humans infesting the old castle ruins.  Then I killed some bristlebacks infesting the old dirt.  Bada ding, Darkspear achieved.  Then I traveled to the Undercity.  Seems I’d left behind a small investigation into a lich guy I needed to look into on an island outside of Brill.  A little running back and forth to the Mage quarter in the Undercity and my mission there was accomplished.  Exalted with the the UC.  I was worried about Silvermoon City.  I’d actually gone and done every quest I had there.  So I headed to Tranquillen and tried to get some Silvermoon rep there.  I grabbed the Kill Knucklerot and his Buddy quest.  Wow, I thought I was in luck when I saw the flash of green.  Except that just got me to Friendly with Tranquillen, nothing with Silvermoon City.  So I ignored the rest of Tranquillen, returned to Silvermoon City and then toured the countryside scanning for a quest, any quest, to do.  Voila!  There was one!  I’d actually skipped the quest to go get Saltheril and his girlfriend pizza, beer, and glow sticks, for their party.  Not a moment to waste!  (And I come with 3 mugs of my own.  I’m ready.)  Party stuff gathered, returned to Saltheril, ding!  Exalted with Silvermoon City.  I went and got a purple strider and recalled back to Dalaran and returned back to the tournament grounds.  Now that I’m a Crusader I qualified for 2 more quests that night.  The quests to shoot the Kraken, and kill the Mistcaller in his cave.  Easy peasy.

All told, I’ve earned 175 or so Commander’s Seals getting to this point.  I’d already spent 50 seals on two maces, which I briefly used in an Enhancement kick.  (I’m Elemental again.  The Elemental gear I’d gotten just raiding the beginning stuff (H Naxx-25) was still better than anything I could get my hands on for Enhancement not raiding or pvping.)  (I also used a bunch of badges last time around getting the twin Sunwell fist weapons when I tried Enhancement for a brief period previously.)

Three Crusaders. 

Three reputations taken to Exalted in one night.  (The final reps all tend to come at once though.)

My third, and final three?  Three full sets of heirlooms armor and weapons.  Horde pally using Polished Valor items and Bloodied Reaper.  Horde priest (eventually goblin warlock) using Dreadmist and Headmaster’s Charge.  Alliance rogue (and previously hunter) wearing leather gear and using the one-handed sword.  Either I’ll get my Druid a Sylvery Sylvan Stave (in place of a Titansteel Destroyer*) or I’ll get the McGowan hammer for the Rogues other hand.

*The Titansteel Destroyer seems good for cat form, the Sylvery Stave for bear form.  I know I’m using bear form more when I’m slaying cultists and Kvaldir, but it still seems a shame to waste a good Titansteel Destroyer by replacing it.


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3 Responses to Threes

  1. Ryan says:

    You shouldn’t have to run around to different cities to get rep like that. Any quest that gives rep with the capital cities will just pick a new one if you already have max reputation with the one it’s for. For instance, I polished off both Exodar and Gnomeregan by doing quests in Ashenvale.

    (Granted, you have to do a few more quests this way, since it won’t jump to the next city until you have 999/1000 with the first one, but it’s probably faster than scouring the Silvermoon countryside.)

  2. Kinless says:

    It did give me the opportunity to collect the mount since I was finally exalted with them.

    I know a part of the rep goes to the rest of the cities sometimes. I was just trying to maximize bang for the buck. Happily I had left behind the right amount to get me through.

    However, I did not know it would jump to another city if you’re already at max with the city the quest applies to. Does it apply the full amount to the lowest city next?

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m actually not sure how it decides which city to do next. Technically I wasn’t exalted with Exodar, Gnomeregan, or Ironforge, but I ended up doing Argent Tourney to finish off Ironforge. I just remember it finished up Exodar, then hopped to Gnomeregan (even though I wasn’t technically done with Ironforge yet at that point). So I don’t know the mechanism it used to pick one, but it did pick one somehow. And saved me the trouble of having to go find gnome questgivers.

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