Tea for two

If your afternoon respite happened to consist of slaying scourge, kobolds, and/or trolls, and you traded scones and earl gray for swords, axes, and magic, and magic carpet rides (see the header), then you’d kind of have a “tea for two” kind of day.

The wife had suggested this would be a “World of Warcraft” weekend.  When she wasn’t off in the PvP/RvR of Warhammer, she’d spend some time with me.

So there I was thinking we’d get our Paladin/Mage couple a little further ahead.

But we had two things which came first.

I had visions of wielding that Borean Tundra axe on my Death Knight.  So we started with our Death Knights and took them to the Borean Tundra.  I can’t get over how much easier it is doing these quests having flight in Northrend at level 68.  It’s not free levels, but it’s a tremendous leg up over our original passage through, twice, with our Horde Warrior/Shaman and our Alliance Druids.  And I thought that quest required us to kill the boss up in the floating necropolis past the Buffaloman Village.  (Alliance have to assist a lady, the sister of a Death Knight turned good, and slay a boss up there, and it’s not a trivial fight.)  So we did all there quests and we were never offered quests in the city to kill scourge.  Finally I figured out (thanks to WoWhead) that I needed to do those bloodspore quests outside of Warsong Keep first.  In fact, that’s all the Horde had to do.  Waltz down Gammathra’s cave, kill him, speak with Garrosh, go to the village and collect our axes.  At some point they’ll just need to just supply quests rewards to us in the mail with ribbons on top.  Or, Deathknights, two of them together, are content burners.

I mentioned kobolds.  Those would be the ones in Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The wife had created a Cleric, so I did too.  Which meant she deleted her Paladin (free accounts are limited to 2 characters) and created a Sorceror.  So, my cleric and her sorceror knocked out a few quests.  We have only made it to level 2, but it’s really rather fun.  We did all the quests on the starting island and have now started the quests in the harbor area of Stormreach.  I absolutely love the idea of “solo” instances.  (I hate the idea of the two of us running into several “solo only” instances, which we did, but the fact that there is a world of instances meant for two, makes it ideal for us.  DDO has got questing in instances down, very well done.)  And the DDO graphics are very, very nice and interesting, something I’ve already mentioned.  This is great “hop in, hop out” gaming.  Currently, this will keep our Warhammer resubs on hold for a while.

And Honorus and Effilda dinged 76 and 75 respectively working for the Trolls now in Zul’Drak.  I’m not sure the quests are in the right order though.  We’ve killed Drakkaru already, but his Drakkari are still holding sway over the frozen reaches and the temples of the avatars.


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One Response to Tea for two

  1. dorgol says:

    That Zul’drak hang-up is the only real problem with the way Blizzard built Grizzly Hills and ZD. On the one hand you have this great questline that really creates a memorable villian (memorable because you helped put him in power). On the other hand, if you do the quests in the wrong order they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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