Sorry about the mess.

Dear Newbies of Falconwing Square, Deathknell, Valley of Trails, Northshire Abbey, Shadowglen, Karanos, etc.,

Don’t glower at me.  I see those newbie eyes of yours glaring at me

Yeah.  /sheepish.  That was me. 

That was me littering your newbie zone with the corpses of the scarlet crusade, murlocs, putridhides, and anything else I can blast with my presence.

I know the drill well.  I’ve been through your area here a few times like you’re doing now.  Sometimes it’s not easy.  Those pesky murlocs run all over the place, and have friends.  Those scarlet crusade guys can be tough.

But for me?  I cough a zone away and they all drop dead.  If I don’t have to loot some trivial thing from them to fulfill the quest, I don’t even bother looting them.  Killing them, and leaving them for the vultures, was good enough to please my new masters.

I’m doing this to get city reputation.  And I guess I can’t really be all too worried about your feelings, or your ability to perform the same tasks for the same masters.  Oh, I care.  But I have needs too, and not enough to give you the 10g you ask me for.  “Plz” and puppy dog eyes ain’t going to cut it.  And not enough to put this requirement the Argent Crusade has put on me on indefinite hold.  I’m doing this, so I’m going to do it.

Oh, sure, I have options.  I can do Argent Crusade dailies for writs.  Forever.  Uh, no.

I could loot Runecloth from intelligent mobs across the Burning Steppes and Hellfire Penninsula.  Uh, no.  Been there, done that.  (Msaker is riding a Raptor, in part by doing this.  But as a practical exercise?  For all my Crusaders-to-be?  I may have patience, but not that much.)

See, I was born in 2004.  And cleared a lot of this content in my day (uphill, in the snow, both ways), but got no benefit from doing so.  Today, reputation with the cities, something you newbies have no need for, can most easily be achieved by ripping your content asunder.  Blasting it to smithereens.  Removing it from existence.

No, I’m simply going to put some a’fearing into your mobs, revist the starting zones, and run around in dumb dog form and bite stuff like I was some rabid druid or something.  Consecrate, for goodness sake.

If that pile of murlocs lingers far longer than you’d expect it to, yep, that’s me.  Farming rep.  Sorry for the mess, and the inconvenience to you.

From my Shaman, my Hunter, my Paladin, to you.


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One Response to Sorry about the mess.

  1. Grimmtooth says:

    Two toons, exalted with all, four dailies apiece per day, and all done before 3.2 came out. It’s not THAT hard or THAT much of a grind.

    On the other hand, two of those are jousting, and I KNOW how much some peeps hate that.

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