Arcarius dings 80

Arcarius dings 80

Arcarius just dinged 80.

It was so long ago, Nov-Dec 2004, that he was created as Kinless on the Argent Dawn server.

Now, wearing leather heirloom items, completing the Zul’Drak questing achievement, and doing several days worth of Pa’Troll and Argent Crusade Dailys, he swiftly went from 74 to 80.  (He was stuck at level 74 in Dragonblight for what felt like forever.  And it was still interspersed with playing other characters even then.)

Now he’s in full Swiftarrow Mail.  He’s 2 seals shy of acquiring the Sylvery Sylvan Stave, and he’s picked up the fairly adequate Zombie Sweeping Shotgun from the Argent Crusade rep.

Now it’s time to tame Skoll, the lightning dog.  Wish me luck.


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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One Response to Arcarius dings 80

  1. WoWphiles says:

    Grats on 80. I have a similar situation with a toon that I started several years ago who has undergone server switches and name changes. Unfortunately my poor Warlock is still only at level 45.

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