What happens in Hillsbrad, stays in Hillsbrad


Yes, there’s a little bit of awkwardness here.  (And this’ll be our little secret.)

Now, in my 30’s, the Horde Forsaken want me to kill the Dalaran folks.  Once I’m level 80 I’ll be working on Kirin Tor reputation.  And working for the Argent Crusade.  They’re going to be pinning medals on me once I’m in Northrend for crying out loud.

Here, I’m killing the ones they left behind.  Good thing there’s no details like criminal records following me around.

That, and Dalaran here, the outskirts outside the bubble line, looks like some stone medieval town, heavy northern rock and timber construction.  After being ripped out of the earth and moved a thousand miles to the north to float over the Crystal Forest, it’s all of sudden become home to 1,001 Nights, Baghdad and Ali Baba, and all that.  (The banks have the clearest middle eastern influence in their architecture.)  Did Dalaran, sometime during it’s flight, get transmogrified?

It’s like I started one book, and in the middle I return it to the shelf, and pick up another book, and starting from the middle, read it to it’s conclusion.  They may be set in the same universe, but they aren’t the same story.

Anyway.  What happens in Hillsbrad, stays in Hillsbrad.


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3 Responses to What happens in Hillsbrad, stays in Hillsbrad

  1. Grimmtooth says:

    I seem to recall seeing depictions of Dalaran before it fell and it was pretty much all spires and stuff, but maybe that’s a retcon.

    Then again, since it was destroyed, maybe they decided to remodel before taking off.

    The problem with Dal is that nothing else in the area – even in its alleged kingdom – matches with it.

    /locate “I believe” button
    /press “I believe” button

    All better.

  2. Whatsmymain says:

    Dalaran in WC3 matches Dalaran in Northrend. I suppose you could just say that all the “little people” lived outside of the bubble area with their old school houses. No matter how you look at it though…. Dalaran is pretty damn tiny for a city. Where do all those wizards sleep???

  3. Kinless says:

    I see some beds around town, but the rooms are always unoccupied, except for the occasional looters looking for wine glasses. I still wonder about the origin of the Soylent Green crackers and their uniquely Gnomish flavor.

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