Faction change doesn’t go far enough

Apparently, along with the new faction change, you can pick any race of the opposing faction you want that can be your class.  And when you revert back to the original faction, for another $30.00, you can pick any race you want that can be your class.  So, unless I’m mistaken, you can turn your Gnome Warrior into an Orc Warrior, $30.00, and then turn your Orc Warrior into a Night Elf Warror, $30.00.  (Which you probably always wanted to be anyway, short stuff.)

Hmm.  My Level 80 Tauren Shaman.  My wife doesn’t really have a character to partner with him.  Her Tauren Hunter is in her 30’s.  Power leveling, casually, only speeds you up a little bit.

So how do I take this character and impart some meaning into his existence?  Faction Change!  Except it would be to a Draenei.  Uh, hmmm.  Trouble is, aside from the tentacles sprouting from his once proud bovine features, and he’d still not have a partner on the wife’s side, he’d still be a Shaman.

It’s not a bad character.  There’s nothing he can’t burn through.  Even dropping a few iLevels regearing himself for Enhancement, stuff dies, quests are completed.  There’s nothing broken here.  (Naturally, to be a raider, and have DPS worthy of letting me refer to myself as “I’m DPS,” I’m too far behind the raiders to even think about rejoining their ranks.  I’d have to farm Heroics, then Naxx, then Ulduar, then ToC… just to catch up.  Because, according to MaxDPS, I’m pretty much “done” with what “casual” gets me, then it’d just be stupid money in the AH, or joining a guild with the capability of farming instances.)  Whew.  That said, my Shaman’s what he is.  And to be a Draenei in those shoes would be no different.  (Ah, ha, ha.  Did I say “in those shoes?”  Both races are hooved.)

So, give me a Class change.

But then, what class am I missing?  I have everything on my main server except a Mage and a Warlock, and I’m going to correct that with Worgens and Goblins.

But if a Class change never comes, maybe I’ll take up heavy drinking and become a Dwarven Shaman.  Wildhammers indeed.


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One Response to Faction change doesn’t go far enough

  1. Matt East says:

    You should read the notes. They made it quite clear that if you change say human to tauren. That if you were to change back you can only change to your originally race.

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