I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Heirloom today.

I’m not at all surprised that today’s heirlooms won’t be extended 80-85 when the expansion hits.

I mean they’re already the end-all be-all for leveling up 1-80.  It would have been absurd to think they’d change them with the expansion and let you wear those polished valor spaulders all the way to level 85.  Going 5 levels without them, or even with them, isn’t even going to make much of a dent in your hitting level 85.

Now I did see a Warlock the other day in the Argent Tournament tent.  Level 80.  Equipped with Dreadmist robes and shoulders, wielding Darkmaster Gandling’s staff.  He’s still working with the heirloom gear.  (And the guild he was in are big-time raiders.  Even raiders have Alts.  (Hint, hint, Blizzard!  Please provide more than 10 character spots with the expansion.))

Now I’m going to admit some of my decision on which heirlooms to get first was: Is this going to be useful to my level 80 character too at some point?  The answer is “No.”

But leveling up my Goblin Warlock, from his first access to a mailbox, till he hits level 80, he’s going to be leveling up in style.  (And riding earlier, and flying sooner, magic carpet even, and enjoying a new, a renewed, world to explore.  “Time is money, friend.”)

And if the expansion won’t arrive till 2010 (which I find so hard to believe, but then again we’ve had WotLK for 9 months now) and I’ve got time enough to farm heirlooms, spares even, and transfer them to other servers.

Will there be 1-85 heirloom items?  Why not?  Rather than being the “Dungeon” set, they could mirror the “Tier 1” items next.  (But the absolute coolest looking shoulders had to be the Shaman Tier 2 ones, the wolves with lightning arcs.  Now that would make for one spiffy heirloom piece.  Maybe best to skip “Tier 1” retreads and get the “Tier 2’s” next.  I mean, what Rogue or Druid’s going to want to sport the “D-Cups” for 85 levels???)


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2 Responses to I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Heirloom today.

  1. Dorgol says:

    Tier 1 and Tier 2 models were reused in Outland Dungeons. Tier 3 reused in Naxx.

    With one exception: Felheart has never been reused. The horns were used for a single item (a horde-only quest reward), but the very unique shoulders weren’t.

    I think I would feel a little sad if I saw level 1 characters running around in that set. 😦

  2. Yeah its much to ask for Blizzard to extend current in game Heirlooms to 85 with the new content. Five more levels shouldnt be too much if you already have a lvl 80 going to just 85.

    But would say as well if your leveling in the next expansion with a new lvl 1. Having a full set of Heirloom for 1-80 as a “First Class” leveling experience would be the real way to go. Your going to have allot of new players playing the game for the first time as well through into the mix of things. You going to want to zoom past them if you can as well. But 12 months at least to prepare at that best to have a full Heirloom set ready to go in a class you want to play before hand.

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