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An Instance of Irony

So, it’s been going on about a week now that I’ve been trying to get Sunstriker into Shadowfang Keep. The wife’s Deathknight, level 67, would clear to the stables, and I’d grab the ingots I need for the Paladin class … Continue reading

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100’s of ToC instances available for you.

Sunstriker spent 8 minutes banging his head, his horses head actually, on Shadowfang Keep’s instance portal.  He gained no access. “Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.” I think by “later” they mean “when hell freezes over.”  Because … Continue reading

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Twice a day…

A broken clock is right twice a day. It seems I, and a lot of other places, a few at least, have seemingly guessed the next expansion’s new races. So reports (spoiler alert, don’t click, aw, what the heck, you’ll … Continue reading

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Dalaran Orphan Quest

WoW.coms’ already got a write-up on the Dalaran Orphan quest.  But they picked the Gorloc, go figure. I elected to take Kekek out, the Wolvar pup.  Now I figured I got the better part of the bargain.  Man, the wolvar … Continue reading

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Three point two thoughts

Lag, b.o.a., flight, ro… No, seriously.  I didn’t spend much time in the game last night.  What I did experience after I sat down… Steamwheedle came up before Kirin Tor.  It took a while before my log in actually took … Continue reading

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Le Sunstriker est mort. Viva le Sunstriker!

Once upon a time there was a Blood Elf named Sunstriker.  I’m not even sure what his class initially was.  I’d like to think it was a Paladin. But the wife created a Blood Elf Paladin as well, we know … Continue reading

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