The 80 will be close by.

So there I was.  Decked out in heirloom shoulders and chest armor (mail that will become plate), the experience has been coming in fairly quickly.  My new Paladin is now level 33, and he’s played only after I’ve taken care of dailies on two Crusaders, or done a little questing with the wife on some other character.  (The wife’s been on a bit of a tear doing Warhammer PvP recently, so lots of leveling up time for me!)  This character will have a partner once he reaches level 45 and hooks up with the wife’s Paladin.  That shouldn’t take too long.  (And she’s looking to heal, so I’ll look to slay.)  The 2 heirloom armor pieces are really nice.  And the Crusader enchanted Bloodied Arcanite Reaper is like a whole nother sundae on top of the cherry on top of the sundae.

Wow, did I just get sidetracked or what? 

So, there I was, riding to the great lift on my way to Thousand Needles from the Crossroads.  Both Taurens normally stationed there are dead.  Including the one that I need to talk to.  (Who said Vegans are taking over??)  So I wait a bit, then ride around.  There’s a dead body near the entrance to Razorfen Kraul.  It looks Alliance but I didn’t look closely.

I was actually looking for some bristlebacks to kill, but the path to the RFK entrance is cleared.  And there’s a green name bouncing off the portal entrance.  Hmm.

Heirloom gear, stained leather stuff, on a Troll Hunter, and he’s flagged.  Level 22 or so. … That’s odd.  Typically alliance only grief NPC’s when they’re bored and level 80.  Did some low level Alliance just come across the Taurens and kill them, and then this Troll caught him and killed him?  (And is he trying to remove the PvP flag by ducking into an instance?)

And then I see the other player.

What do you get when you see a low level character endless bouncing off an instance portal entrance?  A level 80 character standing close by.  (And wishing he could be anywhere else but there, bouncing off the portal entrance, is my guess.)

The next Expansion is nearly a World of Warcraft 2 experience.  A revamp of the existing world based on Deathwing’s reentrance to the realms of man.  And that means a lot of the early quest lines and story arcs need to be revamped as well.  A couple new races, and Death Knights aside, you’ve got quite a new experience to enjoy.

That said there are an awful lot of 80’s around.  Every noob in heirlooms points to a level 80 character somewhere. (Hey, look at me!)

If there had to be a great “reset,” and everyone goes back to being level 1, (a world in which Death Knights cease to be, unless you could make some crazy level 1 version of them), I’d still play the game.  I’d still enjoy it.  (And, you know, we’d be able to get into the low level instances again without 99.9% priority given to the level 80 players and their fun.)

P.S. Are people downgrading their heirlooms to use them on more than 1 alt?  I see too many Hunters in the leather gear, and warriors in the mail gear, to think they didn’t understand the items will upgrade with them. 

P.P.S. And I absolutely have to play a Worgen, and I have absolutely no idea what Class I’ll want him to be.  (Maybe a Clothie, Mage (the Goblin MUST be a Warlock) and maybe deck him out in Arugals gear for ironies sake.)  Hmm.  Now that you can have both factions on a PvP server, why won’t they let me play Horde and Alliance Deathknights on the same server?  Worgen Deathknight would be pretty cool.


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6 Responses to The 80 will be close by.

  1. Ratshag says:

    On Team Ratshag, Kalishna the death nugget is currently sharing the cloth heirloom item with Ellspeth the belflock. While obviously less than optimal, the 10% XP boost more than makes up fer it. She’ll prolly be getting leather shoulders in a few days, what can be shared with stabbity-stabbity Danger Mouse.

  2. kavika says:

    I don’t understand this whole upgrade/downgrade thing. Can you explain? I was under the impression that a leather heirloom piece would always be leather and cloth – cloth.

  3. kavika says:

    Ok nevermind…I found the answer: The only heirlooms I’ve purchased were for my druid (both the resto and feral versions of leather). I guess this wouldn’t have affected my situaiton, but I see where this would be good to know about if you had a warrior or paladin alt.

  4. Forreststump says:

    I cannot say with 100% certainty, but I *think* it’s that you can CREATE one DK per server (but can TRANSFER additional DKs if you have $25 to spend).

  5. Skarlarth says:

    Definitely douple (triple) dipping.

    My Cloth Spellpower Heirloom shoulders were used by my:
    Elemental Shammy
    Now on my Boomkin
    next in line lvl 20 Mage or eventual Worgen Warlock

    now none of these are melee so the impact in armor is not critical compared to the benefits.

    I also have a Leather AP shoulders and Chest, I will use these for:
    BM Hunter

    again armor loss is insignificant compared to the power of the Force, oh sorry, to the benefits gained combined with the fact of not grinding another 60 seals.

    My biggest waste were for the Plate shoulders which only my pally used and are now sitting on my non-used, soon to be AH alt DK. But those were bought with accululated Stone Keeper shards and getting Tole to 80 faster was well worth the cost.

    I have 2 crusaders now but my Pally wants (ok I want) Pally specific mount, Argent Hippogriff, Squire Mount, and the Argent Crusade Tabard, that is 450 seals before I can even consider any more Heirloom gear.

    Skarlarth and Co.

  6. Whatsmymain says:

    My warlock has the shoulders and chest as well as a staff. I probably should get the leather chest and shoulders for my rogue and druid but they are both 74 so I’m not sure it is really worth it especially if they will only last another 6 levels.

    Early on in WotLK I spurged for my lowest toon who at the time was my warrior. I have the shoulders, trinket, main hand sword and one handed sword as well as 2h axe. Now though all my plate wearers are 80 or deceased. My rogue has the swords but is speced for daggers and has one of the BoA daggers. Although I’m excited about playing a worgen I would either have to delete one of my 80’s or reroll a class I already have which seems like a waste.

    I guess if they have more character slots I’ll just reroll a worgen to see the new leveling content.

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