All that Int was hocus pocus

The posted a blog headline that read “Goodbye Mana.  Hello Focus.

The reminded me of the old summer camp song parody, Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, Here I am, at Camp Granada.

Goodbye Mana.
Hello Focus.
All that Int was
Hocus pocus.

What’s that Shammy
Now you QQ
No more Int mail
No more pew pew

Blizzard thinks that
You were OP
Another nerf now
Don’t be mopey.

Here’s some cloth drop
Don’t discard it
‘Chanters offline
So we can’t shard it

Dry those tears now
Here’s a chamois
Next expansion
Goblin Shammy

Dang, now I’m going to cry.

Anyway, I’m not sure what this change to a class to make changes in the itemization is going to fix.  Caster Shamans = 2/3 specs, and the Enhancement spec relies on shocks and instants as well, so +Int mail is staying with us. 

Unless the ultimate goal with the reduction of the number of stats is taken to the extreme.

Where Health = Level * 150.  For every single class.  (What could be more fair?)

I mean, is it fair that a Tauren Warrior has a slight base edge over a Gnome Warrior when it comes to health?  That’s absurd!  It makes no sense!  Where in the Lore does it say an 8′ tall mountain of muscle weighing a ton should be expected to have 1 minute’s more health than a Gnome refugee out of Gnomeregan, all of 3′ tall?  It’s just not fair that a Tauren should have some kind of advantage.

Focus/Mana/Rage is a more complicated mechanic, but only in as far as it should result in DPS = Level *20.  For every single class and spec.

Toe to toe, every fight will last under 8 seconds.  Maybe this is what the ADD generation demands?

And, anyway, if it’s important that every single choice is equivalent, this will be how it’s got to be.

Every faction has every class, and every class, to the spec level, has to be equal to every other class, to the spec level.  (And the suggestion was every Race would eventually have every Class.)

Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh.  They took my warcraft, left me a spreadsheet.

Oh well.  It’s not game over until I’ve PvE’d all my characters to the end anyway.

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2 Responses to All that Int was hocus pocus

  1. Pike says:

    That song is awesome.

  2. They mentioned that Enhancement shamans will get mechanics similar to Ret paladins. So I imagine that hunters and enhance shaman will still be after the same gear.

    So int is going away from mail gear with agility and stamina.

    For the record ret paladins get 25% of their base mana restored everytime they judge… so to be completely generic say enhancement shamans get 25% base mana everytime they use stormstrike.

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