Blizzard loves and/or hates Alts.

So there I am.  I finally got the Crusader title with my Alliance Druid.  And sitting on enough Seals for heirloom shoulders and chest armor.  6-7 more days and I’ll have enough for a 1-hand sword.  But for whom am I shopping?

The complication is 1) A new Alliance Race, 2) I’ve got a lot of the classes already covered, and 3) My best candidate for one style of Heirloom items may have to leave the server if they don’t give us more character slots than 10.

Blizzard argued at BlizzCon, in one of the Q&A sessions, that nobody is serious about alts, so what’s the big deal with deleting one to replace it with a new race?  I mean, is 10 characters per server such a hardcoded limit to the game?  If you can blast Azeroth in half, and split Chuck Norris jokes in two, then you can provide a couple extra character slots, no?

C’mon, are they serious with that attitude about alts?  Let’s see:

1) Reward folks with faster experience gains.  Nothing a level 80 character is going to benefit from.  Alts favored.

2)  Allow mounts and flying earlier and earlier.  Again, nothing a level 80 character is going to benefit from, they’re already doing it.  Alts favored.

3) Totally revamp all the old zones with the next expansion, meaning exploration from “Day 1” is viable and fresh again.  Yet again, nothing a level 80 character is going to benefit from, except the achievement hounds and archaelogists.  Alts favored.

4) Heirloom items.  Sadly, each of those heirloom pieces have some improvement to what I’m wearing at 80.  But those level 80 characters aren’t the intended recipients for Heirloom items.  One big stat is “+10% bonus xp.”  Alts favored.

Blizzard absolutely loves alts.  Faster xp, faster movement, faster advancement, cool gear.

Blizzard hates alts.  You get to delete one every time a new race and/or class comes out.

Which is it, Blizzard?  Do you hate Alts or are you okay with them.  Do you expect them even?  From what I’ve seen I’d say the latter, that you are expecting them.

So why the flip are you expecting me to either 1) delete days of hard work (/trashcan), 2) forgo one of the new races (/sucksbeingme), or 3) Pay Blizzard more money to transfer to another server (/ninja), just because you don’t think anyone seriously needs more than 10 character slots on a server.

EXCUSE ME.  I play more than one character.  If I were hardcore, if I played one raider and did world firsts for a living, then yes, maybe I’d only have one character.  But I know folks who do the raiding deal and they have 10 level 80’s.  What are they going to do?  My lowest character is now wearing heirlooms, and will be wielding another shortly.  I’m going to delete him?  Yeah, right.  I should pay $25 to save him?  Because Blizzard can’t provide 2 additional character slots?

So I’m forced to wonder who do I buy heirlooms for given I’m going to be deleting/transferring/or whatever folks off the server next year?

Odds are I’d move my level 41 Draenei off the main server.  And his being level 41 means he’s the best candidate for heirloom items.  But if he transfers off, being a Warrior, I guess my Worgen would be a Warrior.  Eh.

What Horde-side am I going to transfer off?  My 47 Undead Priest?  She could get the heirloom’s now, and then pass them on to the new Goblin Warlock (who’d look better in Dreadmist anyway).  (She was my primary enchanter, but my Deathknight overtook her, nearly maxing enchantment and inscription now.)

Blizzard, you love Alts.  You made Heirlooms for them.  We love Alts.  We’ve filled servers with them.  Give us 2 more character slots.  Minimum.  If you’d be so kind.  Thanks.


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9 Responses to Blizzard loves and/or hates Alts.

  1. Ratshag says:

    Blizzard don’t like alts. Blizzard likes re-rollers, what stay in the game when they’s tired of they’s first main. A re-roller ain’t got no trouble deleting toons. Is one of them subltitties.

  2. Kinless says:

    Kek. You said… 🙂

    But, yeah, you’ve got a point. If I just worried about one stable of characters, a stable crew if you will, then eventually they’d all be maxed out, I’d be bored, and then it would be game over.

    Burning down my stable, ala Arathi Highlands, i.e. making me delete somebody to make room for someone new, and I’ve got to pony up some new character names and start over.

  3. I for one love all my alts… to the point where I live up to the name of my blog. I don’t really feel like I have a main. I also don’t have any toons at this point that I can just delete to make room. Well I do have room for one since I deleted my 70 dk (essentially only lvl 15). I do want to create another toon when the next expansion comes out but it won’t be rerolling one of my alts.

    Anyway I’m with you. They need to add character slots if they are going to add new races or classes. It was fine when we had 9 classes to not give a slot when adding a 10th… but for people who have all of the classes we are forced to reroll. We’ll see I suppose.

  4. Dorgol says:

    At the same time… I only know one person in-game using all 10 slots. I’m more alt-o-holic than most people I play with, and I still have 3 or 4 slots left (I have 3 80s, 76, 71, 63, 25, 19).

    So I can understand Blizzard being hesitant in adding more slots as more slots increase storage requirements. At the sametime, how many peopl actually use the 10 they have available? I’d guess it’s a pretty small percentage of the paying gamerbase.

  5. Faeldray says:

    I agree that they should increase the number of slots per server. I have too many characters that go unplayed because I can’t transfer them to the server all my friends are on.

    Sometimes I think that all those things we think are for alts are actually for the new people joining the game…

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  7. Sven says:

    Adding more character slots seems to me to be a classic example of a quick win. Easy to implement and would make a lot of people happy, with nobody harmed and no impact on game balance. It could even be made profitable, by charging (say) $10 for an extra 10 slots. Even if less than 10% of the players take advantage of it, that’s $10M extra revenue in return for a few man-month’s effort.

    It baffles me that they haven’t done it.

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  9. David Dodge says:

    I wont be making a worgen or goblin unless they give me at least 1 more slot.

    If they dont want to do a global slot add for the expansion,
    Heck charge us for extra slots (one time fee of 10 bucks for each extra slot).

    That would work too

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