Seaaaaaals. Must. Have. Seaaaaaals.

No, this isn’t a story about mad canadian undead rednecks with southern accents out clubbing seals in Northrend.  (Thank you PETA for making my world a more visualized one.)  (And, hey, everyone loves cute white seals, me included.)

No, I’m talking about Champion’s Seals.  And the grind it takes getting a reasonable amount of them and getting to spend them on the really cool stuff.  Heirlooms I mean.

So, my first Crusader was Msaker.  He only took the +defense axe the racial quartermasters offered.  Otherwise he simply built up his stash of Champion Seal’s and Writ’s.  He used Writs to become Exalted with his very first faction, that of Sen’Jin.  He really wanted a Raptor mount.  Like any self-respecting Orc he then worked on getting Orgrimmar to exalted, again working with Writ turn ins.   Now he rides a Raptor and was called Msaker of Orgrimmar.  Cool.  But with the latest patch the promise of Heirloom items (chest and legs and weapons) for Champion’s Seals was too much to ignore.  The dailies continued daily.  It isn’t hard to get a PUG for Chillmaw+Citadel.  So originally I was getting 4 Seals a day.  Doing those quests I eventually got Exalted with the Sunreavers.  That opened up 3 more dailies, and 3 more Seals.

Then I knocked out the Argent Crusade repuation.  I did the quests leading to the Pa’Troll daily, did that a couple of times, knocked out some of the other “intro” Argent Stand quests, and bang, Exalted with the Argent Crusade.  (And 10g a day to the kid didn’t hurt either.)  Silvermoon was my worst rep, but my last Valiant quests were with the Undercity.  So I’d turn in Writs for Silvermoon rep, and do the Valiant dailies for Undercity Rep.  That last set of turnins I actually took Thunderbluff Writs.  And to cinch the last of the deal, 3 Exalteds in one night, I went to Silvermoon City, Brill, and Camp Bloodhoof.  Bang, bang, bang.  DONE.

So first order of business for Crusader Msaker was to purchase the Heirloom Chest for my level 20 Paladin.  The next day, after completing another round of dailies (netting, what, 9 Seals a day?), I purchased the Heirloom Shoulders.

I’ve got a question.  The Heirloom items are 1-80.  Will they become 1-90 (or whatever the next level cap is) once the next expansion hits?  Are they truly “life long” heirlooms?  With 3 plate wearers, 2 not yet 80, I should get decent use out of them.  So it’s not a priority to continue dailies with him at the moment.  And it means I feel guilty about not accruing seals against more heirlooms for my clothie and shaman.

My current excuse is that Greenclaw is getting pretty close himself.  He too had to take the Writ course to get Exalted with Darnassus, his home town.  Getting Stormwind City and Ironforge was easy enough too.  And, for some reason, Exodar came fairly consistent as well.  (It must have been my lowest so I turned in a lot of Writs against it.

He too is now doing the Pa’Troll daily in Zul’Drak, and otherwise the other 4 the Tournament offers.  The Silver Covenent is pleased to offer him some work as well.  Once I get Argent Crusade done, and Gnomeregan too, halfway to Exalted with both (I can’t rush the Crusade rep, so no need to raid Dun Morogh for the Gnome rep), he too will be a Crusader.  And he’s already sitting on 80+ seals, so the first heirlooms will come right away. 

I think one Crusader of each faction will be enough to keep me in Seals and heirlooms.

But, boy, sometimes I feel like a mindless zombie snuffling about in search of brains.  Getting seals is grindy work.  (Though the zen master in me appreciates the structure.)


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3 Responses to Seaaaaaals. Must. Have. Seaaaaaals.

  1. Dorgol says:

    I have two Crusaders on the same server and faction.

    First my Paladin. I was an Ambassador the day we got 3.0, so I didn’t need any “home town” rep. All my seals went to buying pets and mounts (once they added the 5 seal / 100g mounts). I did the dailes a few more times after getting the Exalted Champion of the Alliance, but that was only to round out my seals at 40 to buy another pet.

    Once that was done, I started doing the dailies on my Druid. He wasn’t an Ambassador, so I used writs to get exalted with Exodar, Gnomeragan, and (maybe) Darnassus. Somehow I was already exalted with Stormwind and the “feed through” rep of doing the Valients got me exalted with Ironforge. He used his seals to buy the 5th pet for my Paladin and then to buy a Tree pet for himself (all druids should have their own little sapling).

    Now that we have the new rewards, I’m back to doing the dailies on my Paladin. Just yesterday I bought the Paladin-only Argent Charger.

    Overall I’ve bought:

    6 pets @ 40 seals each
    5 mounts @ 5 seals each
    1 mount @ 150 seals (the first Hippogryph)
    1 mount @ 100 seals (the Argent Charger)

    I plan on continuing to do these dailes AT LEAST until I get the new flying mount (150 seals) AND the Darnassus Dawnsaber (100 seals).

    If I’m not completely insane by that point, I’ll probably go for the other non-Paladin Charger (100 seals). The other racial mounts (100 seals each) would be nice to have, but I’m not sure I’m quite insane enough to grind out 400 more seals…

    I only wish the mounts, like the pets, were BoE. I have a Warlock at 80 and a Mage at 76. Then at least I could do the dailes on a different character where I could get some Rep in addition to the seals.

  2. Skarlarth says:

    I too thought 1 Crusader would be enough.
    Skarlarth, my main (hunter) was grinding Tourney for pets and was already ambassador so it was easy to get Crusader. Yay for inefficient rep grinding on an engineer who has little to noe rewards as opposed to a JC’er 😛

    Well then the new Pally only mount was announced so now I am going through it all again on my Pally. Looking at around 400 seals needed for Hippo, Pally Charger, Squire Mount, and 2 weapons (tank and heal) Luckily Skar just got his fawn so he blew his remaining seals on Hierloom chest for the 73 boomkin. Now just need AP leather chest for 71 Hunter and 70 Rogue to share 😉

    So I am with you, Seaaaaaaals!

    Skarlarth and Co.

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