Gnome Druids

Some crazy ideas being suggested for the next patch expansion.

Troll Druids?  That’s just crazy.  Stupid too.  Lore is in the bathroom getting sick.  I guess the Troll’s hang up their skull crafting and start worshiping the Earth Mother?

Why not just go all out crazy?

Gnome Druids.

If we have Gnome Druids then I DEMAND they look like this!

Fairs fair.  If you’re going to take Lore, dress her in Starcraft Uniform, issue her a machine gun, and let just any dumb idea into the game, I think Gnome Druids should be like they are in that cartoon.


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5 Responses to Gnome Druids

  1. Dorgol says:

    I think we will be seeing “Animist” added for Trolls and Worgen. They are Druids from a gameplay standpoint, but their lore is NOT that of Cenarius.

    It’s the Tauren Paladin that raises my ire. 🙂

    Human Hunter – Acceptable. Not really a big lore reason not to.
    Orc Mage – No. This doesn’t fit with anything we’ve seen in any past lore.
    Night Elf Mage – If they said it was a High Elf Mage, I would accept that.
    Dwarf Mage – Sure. They were in the Beta, and we see arcane / fire / frost weilding dwarves all over the place.
    Blood Elf Warrior – Sure. Should have been in from the release of TBC.
    Dwarf Shaman – Yes. I’ve been behind this idea for years. The Wildhammer Clan make PERFECT candidates for Shamanism.
    Undead Hunter – No. I just can’t see it. I’d rather see Undead Paladins.
    Tauren Paladin – No. As outlandish as Undead Hunters.
    Tauren Priest – Meh. It would be really odd to see Tauren priests, but there’s no reason why not.
    Gnome Priest – Meh. It would be really odd to see Gnome priests, but there’s no reason why not.
    Troll Druid – Originally I was against this. However, if they use Druid spells but give trolls unique animals such as what we’ve seen in ZA and ZD, I’m all for it.

  2. Windpaw says:

    Tauren Pally / Priest – I have no problem with this. It would be kinda dumb for something as all encompassing as “The Light” to be restricted to the Alliance. Chances are that the light and the earthmother are simply two sides of the same coin. Lets face it – of the horde – the Tauren are the most likely to embrace it.

    Undead Hunters – there’s one in EPL if memory serves – so – sure.

    Troll Druid – I’m still having problems with it but the lore in ZG and ZA lend themselves to it. I doubt troll droods will get anything different than our current crop – I just think they’re going to channel their power from something the earth mother would rather forget existed.

  3. Kinless says:

    I can agree with that about Troll Druids. ZA and ZG are very much centered around animal avatars. But I’d sooner see a new class that shifts shape, ala Worgen, and Druids, but not be based in Cenarian Druidism, and offer that to the Trolls and Worgen.

  4. Windpaw says:

    Yeah – I fully support that. As I’ve been watching the Blizzcon feed today – the pictures of a Worgen druid in catform are telling – they look like the same druids we know and love.


    I think.

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