An Instance of Irony

So, it’s been going on about a week now that I’ve been trying to get Sunstriker into Shadowfang Keep.

The wife’s Deathknight, level 67, would clear to the stables, and I’d grab the ingots I need for the Paladin class quest.  Maybe visit the Commander and see if he’s got his shield that day.

Last night I was in the Undercity, and the wife was wanting to play Warhammer.  But she was willing to try SFK again and see if we could finally get in.  She logged on, parked on the bridge, and went to the entrance.

SUCCESS!!!!  A loading screen… and she was inside.


So I invited her to a group and made my way to SFK.  Cool.  At least I could get one more part of this quest done.

I zone in and find myself surrounde by Worgen and Wolves.  Dang she’s skinny because she slipped right past these.  So I move a little further inside, and I hear her killing things on her machine, so progress is being made.  I look over and see she’s got the door upstairs open now.

Except on my machine there’s Worgen everywhere and I barely make it out of the keep alive.

WTF?  Are we not in the same instance??

So I have her leave party and exit the instance too.  Now we regroup the party and I go back in.

Then I get the message that I’m in the wrong instance and I’m going to be portalled back out.  I see the Worgen so I assume I’m in my old instance, and should be in her version of it.  So I exit again and ask her to enter first.

“Additional instances cannot be launched.  Please try again later.”

I try, with the same result.  No entrance.


Once we do get in the dang instance management is buggered.

She made a Warhammer night of it.  I did Tournament dailies.


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2 Responses to An Instance of Irony

  1. Guessing if she had invited you first that you would have gotten in… sucks though. You just can’t win can you?

  2. Kinless says:

    Yeah. There must be a key with being party leader and how an instance gets started. She should have invited me and we’d have been good.

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