Dalaran Orphan Quest

WoW.coms’ already got a write-up on the Dalaran Orphan quest.  But they picked the Gorloc, go figure.

I elected to take Kekek out, the Wolvar pup.  Now I figured I got the better part of the bargain.  Man, the wolvar pup is feisty and cute.  (But it sounds like the Gorloc tadpole is the same way.)

I wasn’t planning on doing this.  But I’d just taken my level 72 Paladin to Dalaran, thank you Tome of Cold Weather Flying, and was running around, thank you Pursuit of Justice, and spotted the Orphanage Matron.

I picked Kekek, and with my new flying, easily took him everywhere he wanted to go.

I was a little worried about taking him to go play with the Snowfall Wolvars.  But it was a non-problem.  I called him out, and then mounted my griffin and flew him into the Glade.  He followed along, found a playmate, and had himself some fun.  I flew back to the Kulak camp and completed the quest.

It really was a cute quest and you need to pay attention to all his interactions with the NPC’s.

Supposedly I should be getting some mail from him soon.  Cool.


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6 Responses to Dalaran Orphan Quest

  1. You should get him the same day. I think it was like 10-15 minutes for me

  2. Kinless says:

    Indeed, it was in my in-box.

  3. drazmor says:

    I love that quest. Sad;y, I saw under the assumption that you could only do the quest of whatever side you were aligned with, or i would have gotten that lil’ wolvar. 😦

  4. Kinless says:

    I’m hoping once Children’s Week returns we can take the other one out and have both.

  5. RussCA says:

    This has to be the most fun quest I’ve ever done! I actually had a tear in my eye when it was over! ;(

    I took Kekek because I’m working on Frenzyheart reputaion thru the dailies.

    I really love that little guy! Makes me sad that I killed so many Frenzyhearts doing the Gorloc dailies.

    I wish the companion was named Kekek, and that he interacted in the same way as during this quest.

    I also wish the quest line yielded some reputation along with the gold. Actually, where does that little orphan get all that gold???


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