Three point two thoughts

Lag, b.o.a., flight, ro…

No, seriously.  I didn’t spend much time in the game last night.  What I did experience after I sat down…

Steamwheedle came up before Kirin Tor.  It took a while before my log in actually took but I finally made it in.  My level 20-something Draenei Paladin was in Ironforge.  He ran up to the Paladin trainers, and 5g later, rode away from there on a fine new steed.  My level 42 Nelf Warrior took the boat from Stormwind City to Auberdine and then boat from there to Teldrassil.  The boat was loaded with Nelfs going home for mounts and riding lessons.  It was kind of a funny scene.  A swift frostsaber and speedy riding lessons later, that was taken care of.

The log in time, once Kirin Tor finally came back, still took a while.    While I waited I watched the add-on sites get the updates.  I was surprised they remained in normal mode, and didn’t revert to their trimmed down “Sorry, servers can’t handle this” mode.  (Though Curse did finally manage to crash.  I’m a WoWUI and Ace Addons guy anyway.)

And maybe it was my add-ons that was causing the slow loads.  I did update some of the bigger ones.  I deleted “double-wide” since that’s built into the UI now.  “Lightheaded” needs to be adjusted accordingly.  I deleted EquipCompare (though the built-in equip compare function (alt-hover) doesn’t show them side by side, just shows them one at a time, at least it narrows down the items you’re comparing.  It’s not the same thing.  But EquipCompare was also throwing LUA errors out on my wife’s machine due to the vendor price being added to the tool tip.)

Anyway, I updated a few add-ons, deleted a few, and otherwise chose to ignore that they were out-of-date, and I logged in and played fine once in.  (X-Perl, though, is buggy right now.  And my timers add-on was showing everyone around me’s cooldowns, not just my own.)

Seemingly enough 80’s came out of the woodwork last night to absolutely jam pack the landing for folks buying “Flying in the Cold” books for their level 68+ alts.  Horde-side I had one book to buy, and one care package to mail, and the lag was killer.  The wife and I took care of our business here and portaled to Thunderbluff.  AHHHHH, relief.  (And, let me add, the Outlands portal in Thunderbluff is pretty spiffy I must say.  Every capital city got one I guess.)

So we hooked up our Deathknights with books and cash for flying lessons and skeletor chicken flying mounts.  Off they went to Shadow Moon Valley.  We trained to fly, I read my book, Ombria was only 67 though, so we decided to quest some.  Two Death Knights, on a mission?  Gedouddahere.  We ran up into the forge camp and hid under a box and then collected some parts, without a freaking care in the world.  “Now go drop the bomb while standing the green glowy thing in the middle up there.”  Hmm.  “Maybe we should actually purchase our flying mounts about now,” I say.  So we Death Gate back to the plaguelands, buy our flying chickens, and hearth to Shatt and make our way back to SMV.  “Okay, ready.”  So flying up the green glowy thingy in the middle of the camp I fly over some Elite guy.  21k health.  He’s got a glaive we need.  “Hey, why not?”  I drop on him like Rangers into a swamp.  The wife, bless her heart, follows.  Uh, one elite plus ? adds = trouble in paradise.  You know it’s not that long of a run back either.  Safe, kind of, revive, kill the surrounding goons, not elites, remount the chickens, and up into the air.  Then we clear off the glowy thing, step on it, set off the bombs, and then fly home.  Job done.  We made progress on the wife’s leveling to 68, so that was good.  We logged out in the Inn.  With regards to mounts and flight and heading up to Northrend we’re near golden now with them.

It wasn’t long till Dr. Mike’s “Bite Me” came on so I wrap things up.  I log onto my Rogue, Darkhand, who was parked, level 60, in SMV, waiting for this day.  He went to the engineering trainer and saw the Flying Machine pattern.  I needed to know how to fly before buying it.  Some Deathknight comes up to me and /whispers “Can I borrow 5g?”  Uh.  Yeah.  Okay, off to learn to fly and then back to learn the pattern.  (Or was it I could buy the pattern, but I couldn’t learn it and make one until I’d trained to fly.  Either.)  So there I was at the anvil.  The material requirements are dang easy.  (Fairly easy at any rate.)  And as I knocked out the last of the Fel Bolts Mr. Deathknight comes up to me and whispers “can I borrow 6g?”  I’m about to reply, see his guild name uses all lower case letters, and ignore him so much I don’t even bother to /ignore him.  I keep banging out bolts, and then fabricate the machine.  Then learn it.  Then mount up and leap into the air with it.

YEEHAAAA!  Wow.  Engineering hasn’t been this fun since learning and using the Discombobulator Ray on the PvP server where I first came from.  Sweet.  I’ve got me a flying machine.  This is why engineers are made.  (That and the epic goggles waiting for me in the bank.)

“Honey, come check it out!”  The wife comes, takes a look, “I’ve got to get Winkydink to 60.”  Her Gnome Warrior (yep, pink hair) is an Engineer and level 46.  We can do it.

So that’s been some really spiffy changes.  Yeah, it makes it kind of easy mode, and some argue if you’ve got one 80 why should everyone else have it just as tough?  Okay, I can see some reason behind that.  And I’m taking every advantage of it too.  (Need I remind you that when I went to school, it was in the snow, all year, we had bare feet, and it was uphill, both ways?  Probably not.  🙂 )

Left to do for me with regards to 3.2?  Get my Forsaken Priest hooked up with her new mount and riding speed.  Get my Draenei warrior hooked up with the same.  And buy my two 70’s not yet 80’s the cold weather flying books.

Then I’ll have to figure out what’s changed up at the tournament.  Then go find me some raptor pets.  Adopt a Wolvar and/or Gorlok.  And wait for Blizzcon to see what’s coming next.

And this doesn’t feel like the Ahn’Qiraj or Sunwell additions prior to the subsequent expansions.  We’ve still got the whole fight with Arthas to get to, and then we’ll get the expansion.  (On the other hand, the tournament and it’s tough raids might equal Sunwell.  And maybe Arthas *is* the next expansion, and areas open up, somethings got to expand to be worthy of being called an expansion, to provide the reinforcements, and possibly races and/or classes, required to kill him.  Then the Maelstrom and Emerald Dream are combined into the final hurrah for the franchise.  And then it’s off to the races with the Next Big Thing.  Hmmm.)


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