Le Sunstriker est mort. Viva le Sunstriker!

Once upon a time there was a Blood Elf named Sunstriker.  I’m not even sure what his class initially was.  I’d like to think it was a Paladin.

But the wife created a Blood Elf Paladin as well, we know her as the lovely Halcyon.

So, Sunstriker the Paladin was deleted and Sunstriker the Mage was created.  With the red hair and the green eyes he was a veritable scion of the Sunstriker family.

And such great progress this Sunstriker made.  Fully geared from visits to Shadowfang Keep and the assistance of an Orc, he cut quite the figure in his mid-30’s.  Partnered with a Tank+Heals+DPS Paladin, this new Sunstriker was the literal icing on the cake (and other assorted mobs).

But then we noticed a certain lack in our kit of characters.  What to do with all the locked boxes that kept dropping off mobs up and down the length of Azeroth, the Outlands, and now Northrend?  A Rogue was needed!

Sorry, Sunstriker, ol’ buddy.  Time to hang up those robes, those nice robes, and time to don something a little more sinister.  Sunstriker was retired, aged mid-30’s, off to studies in Dalaran.  (I like to think he managed to find a way in before they departed for Northrend’s skies.)

Sunstriker the Rogue was created.  Oh, and he was treated good.  Fully geared up in armor of the Defias, sporting crusader and life stealing enchants on various weapons, Blood Elf Bandit face mask, a Blade of the Basilisk for goodness sake.  Reaching level 40, in Nightscape gear, with a few pieces left to level into in his bags, Vanquisher Sword, some spiffy blue dagger, and Msaker, his weapons dealer, considering equipping him with dual Phantom Blades, for the crossed blades in the back look.  There he was, in Stranglethorn, waiting for the patch and the faster land mount.  Working catch as catch can on leveling closer to Halcyon’s level 45 in order to step up as her partner.  And then, inexplicably, he sold off his gear, including the shirt on his back, sent the things he’d collected and were still useable to Msaker, (but he forgot those bags, dangit!), and then with a “Goodbye cruel world,” (yes, there were people there,) he dove into Booty Bay waters and prepared to end it.  No time to create the new Sunstriker, I just logged off.  He in fact had to resurface later to mail the gold he had on him as well, and then, finally, and cleanly, sat down, logged out, and got deleted.

Sunstriker’s lot in life appears to be a fickle one.  His name has been on a character since The Burning Crusade was released.  And he still is.

And thus a new Sunstriker was created.  This iteration of Sunstriker, i.e. Sunstriker IV, is a Paladin.  My wife figures that will let her steer Halcyon more along the Holy Paladin line, and I’ll steer the new Sunstriker along the Protection line, and between the two of us there’s going to be an awful lot of mobs wishing we were gone.

I don’t know.  I think I feel more satisfied playing a Plate Armored (potentially) class.  I’ve got 2 Warriors, 1 Deathknight, and now 2 Paladins as well. 

Msaker, my Warrior, is a master 450/450 blacksmith and gearing up the new Sunstriker will be zero issue.  Cenotaph my Deathknight is nearly 450/450 in both Inscription and Enchanting, so giving young Sunstriker Gyphs and Enchants will not be an issue.  The previous Sunstriker left the new one a Truesilver Commander’s Ring and some other Blue Ring of the Bear, before jumping into the unforgiving waters of Booty Bay and disappearing from history.

And if you at all follow Paladins over the ages, they appear to play a lot differently now.

My first Seal was Rightousness.  My first Judgement was Light.  This before I even left the starting area.  Each hit has a bonus holy damage component and the judgement afforded me heals that came as I did damage.  I don’t remember the playstyle being like this earlier.

So, here’s hoping this Sunstriker is going to last a while. 

On the other hand if I have a compulsion to continue creating new characters then Le Sunstriker est mort.  

Viva le Sunstriker!


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