Worgen, hands down.

Over on WoW.com…Breakfast Topic: Would you play a Worgen or a Goblin?

Some recent info over on WoW Insider.  Someone’s datamined the PTR and found some new masks.  Two masks are Goblin, and two are Worgen.  Hints at upcoming playable races?

A long time ago, on a pvp server we’re no longer on, Honorus and Effilda created a guild for ourselves, called it Exiles of Gilneas.  Naturally it was fine for us humans, but it didn’t make any sense for our non-human characters.  Gilneas being a human nation, now sequestered behind the Greymane Wall.  It just seemed an appropriately tragic origin you could enjoy role-playing.  (Or role-play simply by sporting such a tag.)

Have they, the Gilneans, remained hidden from sight these last five years, and unreachable, because they are afflicted with the curse of Arugal which created Worgen/Human hybrids?  Effectively acting like Werewolves.  It could make for some interesting dynamics.  Perhaps the player character Worgen can control when they shift.  That would make a race that acts like shapeshifting Druids.  The re-opened Gilneas would provide ample land for a starter zone.  (And they’d certainly warrant a starter zone.  So would the Goblins in the jungle islands to the south.)

They could be either faction too.  However: Arugal is now serving the Lich King, so there’s a connection to that side.  If Arugal servers the Lich King, and his creations rebel against him, then perhaps they’d side with the Forsaken and Sylvanas, who also oppose the Lich King.  Or, keeping with their Human origin, they might side with the Alliance and the neighboring South Shore.

As for the Goblins.  No, not an option for me.  The silly would make Goblin Death Knights, but then they’re clowns and would roll Hello Kitty Death Knights if that were an option.  No, Goblins would not be a consideration of mine.

Oh, and here’s something:  TBC introduced new playable races.  WotLK introduced a new class.

If they keep this cycle:  Next expansion introduces new races again.  They’d be linked to the Maelstrom by a maritime connection, i.e. Goblins from the islands, and Gilneas, a nation poised right above the Maelstrom.

And then a new class, the Arch Druid’s been mentioned, to coincide with the final expansion, The Emerald Dream.

And, Chris Metzen mentioned in an interview this February that Blizzard has some “very, very, very interesting plans for Gilneas.”  O rly?  Playable Worgen would be very interesting to say the least.


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3 Responses to Worgen, hands down.

  1. spinks says:

    I’d play a goblin girl like a shot! (And be grateful that the other faction got the furries 😉 )

  2. Anonymous says:

    My own blog is called ‘Dude, Where’s My Worgen?’ So yeah, worgen all the way. However, I’d also create a gob too. They’re the jokster race the Horde always had, but you could never play. They’re NOT epic. The Diet Coke of epic. Just one calorie, not epic enough. But you already know there will be millions of gobbie DK’s. If there’s gobbie DK’s.

  3. I could see them giving both races to each faction. You could have Gilneas be a Worgen only zone and city, undermine could be the same for the goblins. Both factions could coexist in these areas but outside of the walls be aggressive to the other faction.

    Just a thought.

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