Bit the Bullet

I wasn’t originally going to get a account.  Why did I need one?

I have one Blizzard game, WoW.

I was not interested in picking up Diablo of any iteration (the ability of players to have god-mode pk hacks killed my interest in it).  I have Warcraft 3, somewhere.  Never got far in it.  I played Warcraft and Warcraft 2 and I didn’t like, couldn’t get used to, the change in graphics in 3, and I had other things keeping me busy.  I played Starcraft, to a point.  But I pretty much play those kind of games for the construction aspect, I tend to porcupine a lot, and then I’m crushed under a zerg of an opponents masses.  Meh.

So, having only one Blizzard game, why did I need a collective account under which all my Blizzard games, one, could be put?

Well, if you wanted to log in this last Friday and Saturday nights, you could, apparently, if you had the account set up already.  You could not if you merely had your World of Warcraft account.

Bogus?  Since the change/adjustment/attunement has not been announced by Blizzard, yes.   I could log onto my account earlier in the day with my WoW account.  Just not later on that Friday night, and later on last night.

Somewhere in the forums I read that getting the account solved it.

So, ever the guinea pig for science, I did so.  I created myself a account, and then merged my WoW account with it.  Authenticating via e-mail that I was legit, I then fired up my World of Warcraft, replaced my old account name with an e-mail address, and there I was, through the authenticating and handshaking and in the game, connected.

And since I now had gone and gotten a account, I then got myself the Mountain Dew Battle-Bot pets, something I wasn’t going to get previously.  (And curiously, my two favorite flavors, flavors I always thought of as mutually exclusive, feature in the Horde flavor: Citrus and Cherry.  I guess I may have to buy a bottle and try it.  (And get some fuel for the Battle-Bot is how I guess it works.))  Here’s the link to the Mt. Dew site.

Ah well.  If you try to log on, and are getting stuck at Authenticating, or Handshaking, and otherwise can’t connect, and you know your internet is working, it might be time you get yourself your account.  Too, it’s the future for Blizzard and it’s going to become mandatory at some point anyway.


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2 Responses to Bit the Bullet

  1. Zaph says:

    I just posted something on this myself. Glad we have further verification that it was the solution. Thanks! Change is ok, but change without an announcement? Odd for Blizzard. Oh well, I guess the word will get out eventually.

  2. We had 1/3 of our raid disconnect do to this… but I’m not convinced that this is the source of the problem. I don’t have my account merged and was unaffected by this bug. Perhaps this is more of the cure then the cause?

    I do have an authenticator though so perhaps that has something to do with it.

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