It does seem like ages ago.

10 quests

Level 25, escorting Effilda in Elwynn Forest.

Today, earning the 1,000 Quests achievement, Effilda actually earned it one quest turn-in earlier, she and I are are still roaming the world.

1000 quests

And now we’re about to assist Lady Jaina Proudmoor with the problem with the Forsaken (aka Wrathgate event).

This followed our completing quests that followed events in the novel Arthas.  And I see from screenshots from Greenclaw and Itarilde that characters in the WoW comic, graphic novel, sorry, (Vareena and Broll) will be joining us in the retaking of the Undercity.

Anyway, I thought it was quite something to log 1,000 quests complete, and knowing how many more lay before us, and how many more we skipped right over.


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