3.2 = 3.1415926

What the heck’s going on in Irvine?  Have you seen all the changes coming with the 3.2 Patch?

If you haven’t, if you’ve been living under a rock, say, or busy doing your dailies, fishing for Mr. Pinchy, whatever, go check out WoW.com’s coverage.

Today we’re learning about substantial changes to Paladins.  (Seal of Blood no good anymore.  Not working as intended?  Too harsh?  Blood Elves came up with this masochism???)  Then you’ve got new pets.  A Winterspring type mount for the Horde (Ravasaurs).  Argent Tournament mounts, something new for Paladins (yay!) and other gear and goodies.  Like heirlooms?

I mean, do we get out our water skis from storage and hook up with Fonzie to go jump that shark?

shark jump

Or are we talking about stuff whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space? I.e. it’s all pi?

pi plate

I mean, who doesn’t like pie?

Why are they throwing this much at us, all at once? Before BlizzCon even? … Is there going to be “bad news” at BlizzCon?  (Did you notice:  “Blizz” Con.  NOT “World of Warcraft” Con.)  Is something going on that the average Joe is unaware of?  Because we’re too busy, and happy, eating pie?

I’m wondering if this is going to be tasting a little like Andrew Zimmern’s saurkraut pie that he got up in Minnesota.



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1 Response to 3.2 = 3.1415926

  1. Whatsmymain says:

    Lol Blizz Con…

    I think its because of the general mood there seems to be in the community. People are getting bored so they are releasing a ton of changes in the next patch to try and keep people interested. This also coincides because summer is pretty hard on WoW.

    Lets hope they aren’t really jumping the shark here. Or perhaps some players are just so far gone that nothing new can save them.

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