You’ve come a long way, Baby. Again.

effilda made it

The wife finally beat me to Dalaran.  Mages get in at 71!   Nerf Mages.

Honorus is sleeping on a cot down below in Star’s Rest.


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2 Responses to You’ve come a long way, Baby. Again.

  1. Ogrebears says:

    Every Picture i’ve seen of high end WoW looks great, (A lot better than the level 20-30 zones i’ve been in for a while).

  2. Kinless says:

    That screenshot came from my wife’s computer, and the graphics may still not be the best they could be. (At least that’s what she keeps telling me. (Hi, dear! 🙂 )

    I agree, some of the new things they’ve added since Wrath, the HUGE annubian beetle guys you find just stepping your first foot in the Borean Tundra have details that are jaw drop stunning.

    Armor sets have details you keep finding as you zoom in. Little scratches in the metallic parts of my wife’s mages set armor and things like that.

    I think in Vanilla WoW the water elementals were my favorite graphic, that and murlocs, with their transparent shiny jelly look to them.

    I don’t think the Burning Crusade took things to the “next level” like Wrath has.

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