QQing on the ROFLCopter

I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh about it.

Warriors have already been knocked to the ground.  Now they get the boot to the head.

I’m talking about the Arms Warrior Juggernaut talent which has already been nerfed once.

“Juggernaut: Critical strike chance bonus reduced to 25%, down from 100%.”

From 100% crit on a slam or mortal strike to just a 25% crit after you use it to charge a mob.

With that change alone I noticed a NOTICEABLE decrease in my DPS on PvE mobs.  That change to the talent meant what used to be quick fights suddenly became much longer.

It used to be I’d rush in with Juggernaut, Victory Rush them if it was up, Rend, Mortal Strike, and usually Overpower right after that.  Overpower came up a lot in that scenario.

After the patch, Overpower isn’t firing like it did before.  (Unless I’ve stopped applying Rend.  I can’t imagine I’d not be rending.)  And the crits?  /fishslaps and bad attitude are my main DPS sources now.

But now my 70 Retadin can out DPS my 80 Arms Warrior.  I’ll say that again.  My quest reward equipped level 70 Retribution Paladin can out DPS my Savage Saronite geared, Titansteel Destroyer wielding level 80 Arms Warrior.  Stunning.   (Maybe the exorcism is pretty good against Northrend Undead, I’m doing about 2500 against undead now, but Hammer of Wrath also hits for 2500, and so most everything he’s doing hits very hard.  My Orc Warrior weeps in shame.)

Yeah, it’s bad.  So bad I figure he’s just good for opening eggs he’s bought from the Oracles.

And now, already down, here the knock out punch, coming from Blizzard with the 3.1.3 patch:

“Juggernaut: This talent now also increases the cooldown on Charge by 5 seconds.”

Oh, let’s not forget, backing up to 3.1.2 again,

“Glyph of Rapid Charge: Reduced to 7%, down from 20% cooldown reduction to Charge.”



Warrior.  Bench.  “Warm it.”

P.S. And, no, a Fury spec isn’t the answer for me.  Moving like muesli through molasses isn’t my idea of fun.  I won’t walk to the next fight.  It’s charge via Juggernaut or Warbringer or it’s not any kind of Warrior I want to be.  (And, no, I don’t think I need to have to stance dance before and after every spellcast/ability use.)  I guess I wait to see what levels 81-90 bring.

P.P.S. /facepalm Dur.  After I dual specced, and respecced, and had to set my Arms actionbar back up… I forgot the Rend.  That explains one mystery at least.


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1 Response to QQing on the ROFLCopter

  1. Dink says:

    I feel your pain.

    Epic ilevel 213 Rogue on the bench for pvp. My new ret paladin is level 61. I can’t even get through one attack rotation before mobs die. I blink in RL, then /say LoL, pallies are not OP” /sarcasm off

    If you can’t beat em, join em.

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