Equalized content.

The wife and I, tired of the frozen waste of Ice Crown, decided to work on a few quests in Zul’Drak.  The Ebon Blade guy sent us to go hassle Drakuru.  That leads us to a grand finale, a final confrontation with Drakuru himself, and the example of equalized content that brought this to mind.

I suppose you could hammer Drakuru down personally.  Treat him like the sock puppet he really is.  Pwn him.

But what you’re supposed to do is use a Scepter of Domination on one of his own Bloodblight Troll guards and whale on him till he’s trollbutter.  If one Bloodblight Troll doesn’t do the job, grab a 2nd (after the first is dead) and continue the love.  (Oh, and don’t reapply your ghoul disguise or you’ll bug the event.)  All the while stay out of the pools of blight he throws at you (looks like the Grizzly Hills Outhouse visual effect, and I’m sure smells pretty similar), and survive the blood boils.  Your Bloodblight Troll minion does have a heal ability they can use to heal you.

It’s this particular battle, the final scene, that is equalized for everyone.  Whether you’re in Ulduar Epics or Quest Greens, level 80 on your 15th epic flying mount, or 77 and flying for the very first time, Warlock, Warrior, or Wimp, you have an equal chance at defeating Drakuru because he’s the same regardless of your circumstances, and the Bloodblight Troll you dominate and use to defeat him is the same regardless of your circumstances.

Other examples abound.  The Sons of Hodir proto-drake flying daily is equalized.  You all get the same proto-drake, the same abilities to use against it.  The Brunnhildr bear fight is equal for everyone.  Anytime you ride a tournament or jousting mount for the Argent Crusade or Tournament, you’re equal to everyone else riding one too.  (One Caveat:  Warriors in Defensive Stance will have their damage output reduced.  You can’t two-shot a Scourge Scout at the gates like everyone else does it.  It takes 3 shots, because the stance’s damage reduction reduces your mount’s damage (shield breaker, charge, etc.) too.  Hmmm.  Do mount abilities critically hit?  Would Berserker Stance improve the mount’s damage abilities?  I don’t think so, because Scouts take 2 hits, always (unless your Prot and in the wrong stance).  I’ll have to check it out.)

Fishing Dailies are equal.  And now that fishing’s changed, and you can fish in Northrend at any level of fishing skill and catch something (to include the daily quest item), no reason anyone who doesn’t try because they think they’re not high enough fishing level, you’re fine.  Come join us.  (Greenclaw leveled the last 25 points in Northrend to get him to 300 and using the Kulak fishing pole finally.)

I like the idea of it, this equalized content.  It means a lot more people will see a lot more of the content.

So, Blizzard, if you’d be so kind, please provide an equalized version of Ulduar for me and the wife.  Okay?  Thanks.  🙂


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9 Responses to Equalized content.

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  2. pjharvey says:

    I’ve stayed in defensive stance since patch 2.4, I think, so simply didn’t make the connection that I was doing less damage to Boneguard Scouts until you mention it. As I haven’t taken my other characters to the Court of Bones I just assumed that it took three hits for everyone.

    It’s pretty dumb, but at least now I know to switch to battle stance just for the Court of Bones quests. Thanks for the tip!

  3. latusthegoat says:

    While this is definitely a nice feature, I hope it doesn’t become too prevalent. If it does, it defeats the purpose of a progression game entirely. Why would anyone bother trying to gear up if most things will be the same regardless of being naked or in full t8.5 epics.

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  5. Dravin says:

    I found out the hard way that Aspect of the Viper (damage -50%) will make the Tournament dailies want to throw your keyboard against the wall. I wonder if it affects the first fight in Ulduar? I don’t want to test it out but now wonder how many times I might have fought Flame Leviathan at half power lol.

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  7. Alithoe says:

    I think anything that boosts your overall damage output effects the mounted dailies. I know I was a little confused why my feral druid was doing 11000 damage to the scouts where my priest was doing 10000 (I actually assumed at first it was because he as a big tauren and not a troll). Now I realize that the difference is that my druid has Naturalist, which gives 10% bonus in all forms. Perhaps grabbing the extra damage rune that only works in ice crown would make ’em a bit easier?

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  9. Aldheim says:

    I can confirm that, as a Death Knight, blood presence does in fact increase your AT mount’s damage by 15%. You also get bonuses from the +5% damage Fate Runes.

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