5/5 rather than 3/5.

I’m talking Champion’s Seals.

I tend to float in a world of my own.  If I’m not playing with the wife I’m coursing through on my own.  About the only place I needed to worry about the kindness of strangers was the Battle Before the Citadel where you have to defeat a Commander.  With the wife, that fight’s trivial.  But on your own, and nobody helping out, impossible.  What with respawns and scouts flying about, it’s crazy out there.

And last night while the wife revisited her Warhammer folks I was left to fend for myself.  (I know, I know.  Put the tissue away before we all break out bawling!  🙂 )

And I’m heading out to kill those Scourge and I see in general chat “LFM Threat from Above.”  Hmm.  That’s the group one I never tried.  I’ve always just gone the easy route, “easy” if you don’t consider the Commander fight, of just worrying about getting 3 Champion Seals for the night.

Anyway, I whisper the guy, get an invite, and next thing you know I’m facing Chillmaw.  Wham, bam, thank you Ma’am and it’s done.  Easy.  “Anyone for the Commanders?”  “Sure.”  “Sure.”  “Yep.”  Wow.  Getting 5 Seals is pretty much just as easy as getting 3 Seals.  I just needed to keep my eyes on the chat channel.

Now, what to do with the Seals.  Greenclaw, already wielding a Titansteel Destroyer, picked up the Silvery Sylvan Staff for 25 Seals.  Meh.  I’m not tanking much nowadays.  Was it worth giving up Attack Power for +2% Crit and +Dodge on my Cat?  I carried it around for a bit but took it back for a refund.  I noticed that I haven’t seen anyone else carrying one either.  (It’s got Agility, and no Hunters or Druids were carrying one.  Are they ALL raiding??)

Too, Msaker also has 25 Champion Seals again.  After buying the tanking axe, I now picked up the Sin’Dorei Greatsword to check out it’s looks.  I’m not Fury, not yet at least (let’s see how nerfed Juggernaut feels), so I don’t have need for a 2nd two-hander.  I’m also not sure if Sword Spec >> Mace Spec (when we all know Poleaxe Spec is the only option for winners).  It’s a beautiful graphic, this greatsword.  Probably look a lot cooler with two strapped to my back too.

And can someone confirm whether or not MaxDPS is updated for the latest patch.  From what I can tell it is not.

Anyway, keep your eye open for folks looking to complete Threat From Above.  It’s an easy 2 Seals.  🙂


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1 Response to 5/5 rather than 3/5.

  1. Stern says:

    I can solo all of the champion dailies. That may be because I’m a dk with a tank offspec for Chillmaw, but I know pally tanks who solo that as well. I usually toss a message in General to see if anyone needs help with it and tend to get a 70% response rate.

    The jousting dailies really aren’t too bad. You take what you do for the regular jousting but pull with the shield breaker first. My typical cycle is charge/melee, zip through him to turn around and shield breaker/melee a couple time so the charge is refreshed. So long as I stay to the sides I don’t get much in the way of undesired adds.

    As to MaxDPS, I use LootRank and whatever stat values EJ calculates to be current. You might be able to find those values on a spreadsheet.

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