Here and back again.

Just watched a documentary about J.R.R. Tolkien and decided to join the wife in Middle Earth for a bit.

Our earlier couple, a Champion and a Burglar, were having a bit of difficulty in the Barrow Downs.  I guess when the screen gets all fuzzy and “special effects” it means we’re in “epic story” territory, and it’s not supposed to be easy, and it wasn’t.  Maybe I wasn’t properly into it.  Maybe the Burglar didn’t suit me.  Maybe it’s a class that requires finesse and I’m just whaling away on stuff with the biggest weapons I’ve got.  (For the term “whaling” I’m referring to the definition “to strike or hit vigorously” and not “to defeat soundly” (thanks Merriam-Webster).  I wanted to get the proper spelling on that.  Not that some wailing wasn’t done either, mind you.)

So I created a new character.  Not that it plays any easier.  In fact, it’s supposed to be an “advanced” play style, but maybe it suits me better.  That new character is a Warden.  As for races, the LotRO male elves make Legolas from the movie look Harley riding, cigar chomping, moose hunting, Ax Man Manly.  So my Warden is human.

And I figured if my Warden is “tank like” then to be joined by a “healer type” Rune Keeper (since both can DPS quite well as well), I encouraged the wife (bless her heart) to create an Elven Rune Keeper.

Geirmund (spear protector) and Culedhel it was.  And since I appreciate the finer things, I joined her in the Elven beginning area.  (Some thoughts on that in a moment.)

geirmund & culedhel 3

Turbine is offering some special things for their Anniversary.  Some bonus XP, some gifts (a potion??), and what I noticed was there are actually an awful lot of people playing.

In fact I’d say the beginning areas have more people in them than what I’ve been seeing in the Warcraft beginning areas.  Turbine has far fewer servers online than Blizzard does, sure, but I’m thinking this is a sign that LotRO appears to be rather healthy at the moment.  Which is a cool thing.  It’s a nice looking game.  The models are good, the towns are really nicely developed, the environment (I’ve got the graphics on their highest settings) are art.

Yes, three characters doing Valiant+Champion dailies for  a couple weeks now had me pick up a fourth character with a lance.  It just happens to be in LotRO, a Warden, and I’m happy to see LotRO remains a solid alternative to go play in.

And, tonight, Honorus and Effilda make launch their Northrend careers, both just turning level 68 and ready to go.

P.S. My biggest gripe with LotRO: The fact that I can’t scale the bags and inventory larger.  A lot of the interface will scale larger.  The bags and stuff in them won’t.  I can barely make out what it is I’m looking at.  Warcraft gets this right in that stuff on my screen is HUGE and OBVIOUS.  If someone out there knows how to alleviate the “squint factor” in LotRO let me know!  🙂  Thanks.


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