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It’s the end of the world as we know it.

So there we were.  Cenotaph and Ombria, the wife’s and mine Deathknights, in the Bone Wastes, at Auchindoun, looking at a quest giver. The only living beings we’d come across were a Forsaken and another Blood Elf Death Knight.  There … Continue reading

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Hunters do the craziest things.

The Ancient Gaming Noob has a new post up today, about Swimming to Silvermoon. See, his daughter wanted a Dragonhawk, and being only level 26, there was only one place to get them.  Eversong Woods.  Oh, and they’re Night Elves. … Continue reading

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Stumblin’ In

Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman sang: Wherever you go, Whatever you do You know these reckless thoughts Of mine are followin’ you I’ve fallen for you, Whatever you do ’cause baby you’ve shown me So many things That I never … Continue reading

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Left handed weapons

There’s been an exciting change that was patched in yesterday on the Public Test Realm. I happened to be in the area, so I ran my Warrior over to the Blacksmith Trainer in Orgrimmar and I found a new recipe. … Continue reading

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