The Lazy Grinder

So in flies this Warlock, of course, Alliance, of course, on a Netherwing Drake.

And he just sits there, waiting.

Waiting for what?  For me to kiss enough frogs to spawn the lady to give us our sword.

Maybe if he got off his mount and joined me and the hunter, the lady would spawn sooner.  Nope.  He just sat there until we’d done the work.

Next time I’ll resort to fishing.

C’mon.  This person ground out a Netherwing Drake but can’t be bothered to apply a little lip balm and kiss a few frogs?

Everytime I’m surprised at how shocked I am at human nature I should remember nothing is surprising when dealing with other folks.  Alliance Warlock on a Netherdrake.  It’s all about THEM THEM THEM.  It’s players like this that seem to define the class.  Just the other day an Alliance Warlock ninjas the emberlord for the other sword quest while the wife and I waited our turn for him.  I guess lines are for suckas, and horde, heck, people, are there to be spit on for lolz.

Players with Alliance Warlocks without a conscience, without a modicum of respect for others?  Kindly DIAF.

This has been a public service announcement.  Thank you.


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One Response to The Lazy Grinder

  1. Windpaw says:

    Glad you brought this up – it’s sad to say, but I’ll add many of my own Horde brethren from Moon Guard to this list as well. Never in my WOW life have I ran into more rude, thoughtless, ninja-prone players than on that server.

    Oh…they’re all BELF’s too.

    The egg-campathon that is Noble Garden has only made my rage grow.

    Normally – you want to gank members of the opposing faction. Me? I’m starting to want to gank members of *mine*.

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