A tale of Noblegarden.

Or, how to keep hundreds of overachievers busy.

Was it just my server, or is every server’s newbie area overrun with a peculiar affair?

That of hundreds of rabbits, all level 80, simply sitting in place, not moving, waiting,

waiting, …

waiting for the egg that, apparently, will spawn in front of them to spawn in front of them.

These rabbits all over the place.  Quietly parked at every building edge, every feature of Azure Watch…



Because the Overachievers MUST HAVE the Violet Proto-Drake, THIS YEAR, BY GUM!, they’re going to sit in place for … hours? and wait for the egg to respawn directly in front of them.  (Violet Prot0-drake the reward for achieving all seasonal events.)

Sorry, dumb me, I was running around, in rabbit form, (for some reason), and I took the eggs where I saw them.  I turned the quests in, and then  I left a lot of rabbits parked where I first saw them, waiting, and waiting.

I’m not sure if this event is working as intended.  Or they’re just there to  collect the required 10,250 eggs, with the absolute least amount of effort, and be done with it today.  Then it’s back to … raiding?  (Minimize effort to maximum effect.)

Or, it’s like that old idiom:

How do you keep an idiot busy?  See next sentence.

How do you keep an idiot busy?  See previous paragraph.

Anyway, it’s back to the tournament for me.  🙂  (Two Champions now.)

P.S. The wife checked out Goldshire.  Same thing.  Rabbits lining the all walls, immobile, twitching, waiting for the egg to spawn in front of their little whiskers.  Hundreds.  She’ll try some other time.


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4 Responses to A tale of Noblegarden.

  1. Brajana says:

    It was, after all, only the first day (and it was also a Sunday… what else has anyone got to do?) I have a strong feeling as the week goes on there will be a lot less waiting and watching going on. It only took me a couple of hours to finish the entire event, and I alternated between sitting and watching and running around racing to catch eggs, as well as visiting all the different towns rather than trying to ‘min/max’ the best and least populated area. 🙂

    I really want a couple of the rewards on an alt, but she can wait til Thursday or Friday to go egg-hunting!

  2. Kinless says:

    WoWInterface had a cool addon just for this. It puts a message “ZOMG an egg!” on your screen and plays a sound when you move your mouse over an egg. Great for differentiating between a brightly colored egg, and the small version of it (not what you want) or a brightly colored rabbit sitting in a bush.

    I haven’t really looked into what I was supposed to do for “completing” the Noblegarden event. Collecting everything they’re offering by turning in enough chocolates? That’s a lot of chocolates!

  3. Brajana says:

    Everything that you can buy with the chocolates can also be found by picking up eggs. I managed to get all but the Tuxedo Shirt and the Bunny Ears while saving up the eggs for the “Eat 100 Eggs” achievement, so then I just need to find an extra 75 to buy those. It’s still a lot of eggs… but I guess i was just having so much fun doing it that it didn’t feel like that much 🙂

  4. Windpaw says:

    I will likely never have a violet protodrake – I simply cannot stand to waste what little game time I have at the moment, in rabbit form, sitting in some secluded corner of Razor Hill – waiting for eggs to materialize.

    I did it long enough to kill a couple of quests and nab a couple of achievements – but it is highly unlikely you will see yours truly running around with “The Noble” title anytime (ever)

    Now if I could play at work? It would be done 😉

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