The Argent Tournament

I’m really enjoying the Argent Tournament.

Flying into the site, with the medieval music playing, and the castle under construction, and the tournament fields… really cool.

The daily exercise in mounted warfare.  Amusing.  I’m a little ahead of the wife, so I’m holding off turning in the Aspirant tokens until she can turn in her 15 and we move up to the next level.  When I first heard “Tournament” I automatically assumed “PvP,” but it’s not.  At least not at my level yet.

Stealing wood and construction materials.   My Druid thinks it sucks that the Goblins are in charge of raping more of the environment by “jacking lumber” and “blowing up ruins.”  C’mon, surely we’ve got quarries we can pull stone out of, and renewable forests??  The oaks grow back, but do I have to kill a guardian spirit every time??

The ladies in the lakes.  Cute.  Very Arthurian that.

The “Mystery of the Black Knight.”  I’m waiting to see how the story continues.  I’m speculating it’s really Arthas.

The gold is good.  These dailies are easier than any yet.  Maybe the Oracles dailies are easier, but you have to kill an Elite boss to get at them.  The Tournament you join by simply arriving.

The gear.  Nice.  My Orc Warrior has a tanking axe to look forward to.  And a two-handed sword.  (That sword, with the Titansteel Destroyer may mean I go Titan’s Grip Fury rather than Arms as my 2nd spec.  Though Arms has been satisfactory for me so far.  (I’m not worrying about DPS meters, after all.))  My Shaman is getting in on it.  Dual wielding twin Grimhoof Crushers (I think that’s what they’re called) as Enhancement might make me dual spec him as well, Enhancement and Restoration perhaps.  They look too cool to pass up using them on somebody.  The Alliance staff doesn’t look as crazy wicked as the Horde staff, but it’s still an improvement in a couple areas for my Druid over the Titansteel Destroyer.  And there’s some necklaces and trinkets, so the gear offerings look promising.  Oh, and tabards, pets, mounts, faction with other cities, etc.

So far I have 3 characters participating in the tournament, the wife 2.  (And her level 77 Druid can gain substantial XP and gold while doing it.)

It’s fun, well done, and I look forward to watching that castle/church go up on the tournament site.

All that’s missing is those Free Credit Report dot Com guys singing about it being the only place they can survive without credit.


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2 Responses to The Argent Tournament

  1. Windpaw says:

    I’ve really been enjoying the Argent Tournament as well though I have to say – I SUCK at the mounted combat.


    That and being without an epic flyer (STILL) means that I’ve been losing a valiants token and some free rep because I refuse to fly down to southern Icecrown to do the mounted scourge fight. It’s like the worst quest ever for me. Mounted combat plus long flight time. Bleah.

    I’ve sworn off heroics at the moment so that I can focus on $$ gathering. I have alts farming the AH and my after work round of dailies keeps a fairly good level of cash coming in without me having to completely lose sight of some of my goals. The Tourney is nice in that I can fill up some old rep bars to full, make some cash, do some truly enjoyable quests and still have time to jump into Wintergrasp if the time and inclination takes me.

    It’s a nice addition.

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