A Tale of Two Eggs

Droonda and Msaker have gone into the animal husbandry business.  Into the egg hatching business in particular.

The Oracles give a nifty reward at Revered with them.  They’ll sell you eggs you can spend a week keeping warm and hatching.  You might get a rotten yolk, a pet, or a flying protodrake out of it.

So there we were, our first ever eggs about to hatch.

“Now remember it’s all random,” I tell the lovely Orc Shaman Princess Droonda.  “It might be the first egg, it might be the thousandth.”  We’re after the green protodrakes.  I thought they looked very Orcish, being green and armor plated and brutal and all.  And they don’t make that “swooshing” sound the Netherdrakes make.  I have a Netherdrake, and Droonda isn’t that many dailies away from getting her own.  But she chose not to.  “Too loud.”  And she liked her swift windrider.

But I thought the protodrakes looked cool, she agreed, and we set off getting into the good graces of the Oracles.  It was no more than a week after saving Jaloot from Artruis the Heartless, and doing the dailies every day, that we arrived at Revered with them.  And our first eggs were purchased.

On that sixth day we readied ourselves.  The lovely Droonda counted down as her egg hatched.  5-4-3-2-1.

You know how you want to undo Time sometimes?  Kind of take back stuff, maybe have the opportunity to swap some stuff around, and then return and get a different outcome?  That was me, that was my wish.

Her first egg produced an Aged Yolk.

My first reaction was thinking to myself “Ah.  It’s going to take some time after all.”  And to my wife, “It’s all random.”

And if I could have swapped stuff around, gotten some different outcomes, I would have.

Because I’ve got a Netherwing.  I didn’t need a protodrake.

My first egg produced the reins of the Green Proto-Drake.

But it’s random, and we’ll be back at it.  Six days from now our next eggs hatch and she’ll have hers.



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7 Responses to A Tale of Two Eggs

  1. Drazmor says:

    That’s the kind of thing that everyone wants to happen, but it almost never does.

  2. Ambermist says:

    That is precisely what happened with my husband and me. I hit revered two weeks or so before he did. I sat my big old moonkin butt on my first egg and watched it hatch into an aged yolk. The second was an aged yolk. The third was a Cobra Hatchling.

    Two days after my Cobra hatched, his first egg cracked into a Green Proto Drake. I was disgruntled for myself but still happy for him. Mostly.

    Still haven’t gotten mine. I have gotten 6 more Cobra Hatchlings, though. >.<

  3. Terryho says:

    Good luck on the mount, I’ve been doing that quest since early January and keep getting the white tickbird. Also a nice mount drop from the Blue Lady dalies, you get a little polar bear. Took me a month plus of doing those dailies, but I knew many folks who got it a lot sooner.

  4. Kinless says:

    Yeah, I’ve been after the Polar Bear. 3 characters doing the dailies and not one bear mount out of it. The wife went and bought hers.

    I guess I got fantastically lucky in that it was my first egg. My wife, Ambermist, liked the “Mostly” bit. 🙂

  5. battlechicken says:

    Haha, then she’ll love this. The only item I’m really after in the game right now is the Twilight Drake from Sarth 3D. I. want. it. now.

    Rewind a couple of nights before the patch went live. I was having a horribly off night in Sarth. I died all over the place, and usually I’m one of the last still standing at a wipe. Me, being the proud, competitive person I am refused to admit there was a problem until I got the dreaded Whisper From An Officer asking me to step out for a hunter. Hunters. >.<

    Thirty minutes later, Sarth 3D was dead, and I was miserable. 3 hours later, my husband finally got the courage to tell me…(oh, you know what’s coming).

    He won the drake. I don’t look at him when he flies up now because it irks me. lol.

  6. Arisch says:

    I got my first proto – first egg, decided I wants the pets, 2nd egg I got the proto again, and I don’t even have the 5k gold for epic flyin

  7. Kinless says:

    Yowch. The gold finds a way of coming together though. 🙂

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