Hunters do the craziest things.

The Ancient Gaming Noob has a new post up today, about Swimming to Silvermoon.

See, his daughter wanted a Dragonhawk, and being only level 26, there was only one place to get them.  Eversong Woods.  Oh, and they’re Night Elves.

That so reminded me of the wife and I’s run to Teldrassil a long time ago.  I wanted us to have Owls.  And at our level, barely Level 10 if I remember right, the only place to do that was to go to Teldrassil.  Did I mention we were Taurens?  (See end of post for the screenshot of us with our Owls in the Crossroads.)

That was pretty much just what we did, again, with our Draenei Hunters.  Eh?  That’s right, we ran them, couldn’t have been much more than Level 10 either, to the Eastern Plaguelands and got ourselves Dragonhawks.  I picked a “Hunter of Worlds, C.J. Cherryh” name for the character, Iduve, and named my Dragonhawk, Vaikka, a name meaning “Pride,” or something like that, in the Iduve language.

And with the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, or that big patch just prior, we had a totally revamped Hunter pet system.  No longer did you you have to level up something waaaaaaay below you to enjoy it as a pet.  Any pet tamed would be at least within 5 levels of the Hunter doing  the taming.  So I went on a white pet binge.

First stop was to Azuremyst Isle where I tamed the two headed white frost hound named Kurken.  What was annoying was there was a Blood Elf Hunter there that was interrupting all attempts to tame.  (It is absolutely a given that every gamer you meet in the game is an absolute moron, cretin, psychopath, cross dresser.  And if you meet someone that is truly decent, and you aren’t being deceived into letting your guard down, you’ve been fortunate.  Well, maybe it’s not that bad.  But, man, I’ve been made aware that the cream of humanity does not play video games so many times it’s not funny.)  But, I logged out, logged back in later on, helped a Dwarf Hunter tame his Kurken, and then I got mine.  Named him Frostfire.

Then I spent about a week in a cave in the Ungoro Crater, waiting for the white ape Uhk’loc to spawn.  I’d log in, look around, check the radar for the name, wave to the other waiting hunters, then log back out.  I eventually got him and named him Urbane.  (Urbane Gorilla.)  Because that’s what Apes are, right?  Polished and polite?

Then I returned to Darkshore and tamed a Ghost Saber.  Named her Frostbite.  But she’s just a stand-in for when I can track down and tame Loque out of Sholazar Basin.  Of course my Hunter is a level shy before even attempting a taming, and it might be difficult for another couple more before he get’s flight.

I tamed one of the Rhino’s of the Borean Tundra, as white as I could get one, to enjoy the massive size and huge thomping footsteps and his name, Nosejob.  I had one earlier named Rhinoplasty, but I like Nosejob better.

I tamed a Ravager in Hellfire Penninsula and named her Darkense.  It’s an incredibly dark name, based on her shape and an Iain M. Banks story.

I had a Hunter track down Takk the Leaper, after he got nerfed, just to have him.

I spent too much time in the Badlands looking for Broken Tooth, pre pet nerf.

I spent no small amount of time trying to level up an earlier Ghost Saber before the “within 5 levels of the hunter” rule was created.

I tried to level up an armored pig out of Razorfen Kraul.  I named him Parma.  You can call him Porkchops now.

Anyway, I’m starting to wander in my reminiscing.

The point was, Hunters tend to do the craziest of things in the pursuit of, and caring for, their pets.

You think Warrior’s name their maces or crafted gear like this?  Make those “Have to do it, just because” journies across the world?

Hunters are unique in their craziness.  The hunt never ends.


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3 Responses to Hunters do the craziest things.

  1. Faeldray says:

    With 9 hunters, I’ve done some crazy things for pets. I’ve traveled to all corners of the world at all levels in order to tame a particular pet. My night elf waited 3 nights in the Barrens to tame Dishu. One of my trolls went all the way to Bloodmyst for Deathclaw. For the other troll, I woke myself up at 5am to get Humar. My main hunter has tamed at least 2 rares, Snarler and Loque. My dwarf ventured all the way to Northrend for a Daggercap Hawk.

    And there are other hunter I know who have gone to extremes for a pet. When they say “I’m level 10 and running through the Plaguelands for such and such a pet”, you can instantly tell the hunters from the non-hunters. The non-hunters shake their head in disbelief, the hunters respond with “Awesome! I’ll come help you!” We’re crazy but we’re a good crazy 😉

  2. Artorin says:

    Lvl 10 Blood Red Raptor named Talon as a NE hunter only because I didn’t have BC at the time 😉

    Tamed the white Windserpent in Dustwallow Marsh twice.

    Tamed one of the hawks in Sethekk Halls and named it Ebonhawk (KotoR)

    Tamed Loque after weeks of searching.

    Tamed the Hydra after trying to get the daily quest to spawn for about 2 weeks. Named Hydralisk for the SC reference and because its a hydra that thinks its a crocolisk.

  3. Chawa says:

    Great comment!!!

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