Stumblin’ In

Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman sang:

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do
You know these reckless thoughts
Of mine are followin’ you
I’ve fallen for you,
Whatever you do
’cause baby you’ve shown me
So many things
That I never knew.
Whatever it takes,
Baby, I’ll do it for you.

That’d be the wife and I heading into the hot sands of Tanaris, knocking out quests for the goblins of Gadgetzan.

Night One, I was a 45 Holy and she was a 45 Affliction.

Night Two, I was 46 Shadow and she was 45 Destruction.  (She ended 46.)

Boy, when you don’t play a character for over a year, it seems like you’ve never played them at all.

All quests we accomplished were without deaths, even the ones that were Orange in difficulty for us.  So, not a bad performance.

We did our spec switch because Night One we thought we were killing a little too slowly.

Night Two, though, wasn’t necessarily easier.  Unfamiliarity with any of it is to blame.

I picked a raid spec for Shadow, and simply filled in the Shadow Tree until I ran out of points.  Vampiric Touch, Shadow Form, some odds and ends.  I’d open with Vampiric Touch, then a Mind Blast, and then Mind Flay.  She’d shadow bolt and rain destruction down on them.  (And didn’t Shadow Priests get a +shadow damage debuff they used to apply?  Stacked like 3 or 5 times on a target?)  The raid spec I had didn’t include threat reduction.  And I figured her Void Walker, her not being Demonology, wasn’t going to be able to keep aggro off me anyway, so we switched to a Succubus.  (The Succubus has a much better attitude than the Voidwalker, from what I observed.  The blueberry is constantly just complaining. )

I figure once she reaches level 50, she’d go Demonology and get a Fel Guard.  Me, I’d stay Shadow and keep us all tapped off with health.  (When does the “mana battery” deal kick in?)

It was fun, though, just stumblin’ in like that.  Fifty, here we come!

Our love is alive
And so we begin
Foolishly layin’ our hearts
On the table,
Stumblin’ in


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