Left handed weapons

There’s been an exciting change that was patched in yesterday on the Public Test Realm.

I happened to be in the area, so I ran my Warrior over to the Blacksmith Trainer in Orgrimmar and I found a new recipe.

It is a little like the “socket” recipe, where you don’t actually create an item, but you add a gem socket to the item, to bracers and belt, and the southpaw in me is thinking “About flipping time!!!”

See, what the deal is, is Blacksmiths will now have the ability to change the “Main-Hand” item designation to “Off-Hand”, and “Off-Hand” to “Main-Hand” to allow player’s a little more freedom in personalization of their virtual avatars.

I am left-handed in real life. And believe me, life isn’t easier because of it. If you own a digital camera, and you’re left-handed yourself, you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, no longer will I be forced to hold my Titansteel Bonecrusher in my right hand, where I would never hold it in real life, but rather I’ll be able to hold it in my left hand. So when I’m bashing in gnome skulls, I’d do it with my weapon in my left hand, the correct, and, aye, the sinister, hand, just like in real life.

Now, of course, you’re probably thinking: “Wait, wait. That’s not going to work.” You can’t convert a spell casters Main-hand to become an Off-hand and then equip another Main-hand. Blizzard won’t allow +spell power off-hands anywhere as near as powerful as main-hands. Folks would be running around with some very powerful upgrades, i.e. Main-hands in the off-hand, if that were the case.

No, that’s not how they’ve worked it.

Basically, for the material cost of four Eternal Manas, but I think they might even drop that, seems kind of high, and your blacksmithing hammer and an anvil, you basically target the player desiring the modification to their handedness and you “craft” the change on them. The “recipe” is called “Molly-Dooker.” Are they getting their developers from down under now? I guess the action is that you’d put their head on the anvil and then bonk it pretty hard. Addle the senses hard enough, and the handedness switches. Voila!

Okay. Duh. I didn’t think this through, did I? I didn’t have any Eternal Manas, and I didn’t find any in the Auction House either, so I couldn’t test it out. But I’m wondering, how the heck am I going to bonk my own head?

Anyway, if you find an unconscious Orc laying next to the anvil in the Valley of Wisdom, well, you’ve found me and that’s what happened.


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