Juggernaut might be the reason I’ll dual spec.

My Hunter’s never going to dual spec.  Neither is my Rogue.  No need to on my Druid.  Playing with the wife against the world, Feral does what I need well enough.

Even my Warrior had no plans to go dual spec.  I’m Protection now and my love of Warbringer, and my general unkillable nature, suits me well.

And I’m not going to worry about a lop-sided weapons kit on a Fury spec.  (Style trumps min-maxing.)  No Titansteel Destroyer for one-hand and some random Auction House blue in the other.  (This is all from a non-raider, non-instance runner perspective.)  Oh, and my DPS made pathetic because of a lack of any serious expertise.  And can you say 20% damage nerf incoming?  (Is it 10% damage reduction per two-hander equipped via Titan’s Grip?)

But Arms tree is now scheduled to be getting a Warbringer equivalent.  This Juggernaut ability.  So I only need one good two-hander and I’ll make myself a Titansteel Destroyer.  And not worry too much about stacking Expertise.  This might be worth 1000g to me.  Prot and Arms.  Especially if it opens up some PvP capability again.

…I wonder what I’m going to see in-game five years from now.  You know?


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