Hello fellow Kirin Torites.

I’m not sure how you’d refer to an inhabitant of the Kirin Tor Server.

Kirin Tor-ites?  Kirin Tor-ins?

Not that I’d object to Kirin Taurens.  But, you’ve got to admit, there’d be no use of a Tauren in the staff of the Kirin Tor except as bodyguards.  Unless the Kirin Tor suddenly delved into the realm of Nature magic and embraced the Earth Mother.  They can do that after they drop the pink tabards.  Because, seriously, pink goes with nothing in my wardrobe.

The Barrens chatterers could be Kirin Tourettes.

Anyway, here’s a “Hello” to folks with me on Kirin Tor.


I can use the blog here since out of the handful that swing by to read occasionally there’s at least a few that happen to also be on Kirin Tor with me.

I work on the same installation as one player in fact.  You can imagine our “water cooler” conversation would probably amuse/confuse anyone listening in.

Another I’ve known for a long time, back before Doom even hit our servers for the first time.

Last night, J., a Rogue, saluted me while I was on Honorus at the Cenarian Outpost in Zangarmarsh.  I applied a Blessing of Might before I learned they were a reader of my blog here.  Even told me that my writings inspired not one, but two Shamans, to be created.


I imagine the best diaries are those written with an audience intended.  (Afterall, nothing screams “Read me, read me now!” like a diary left unlocked, labeled “Private, Keep Out!”, and left on purpose on a nightstand or desk.  Am I right?  😉 )

I do write here for reasons beyond me cataloging my play time.

Sometimes it’s fun to play with words.  The allure of alliteration.  Amusing musings, if only for myself.  (I know I’ve hit that niveau when the Mrs. states “Huh?” to a post of mine.)

Or, better, if someone rolls a class I enjoy, or tries an add-on I like, or offers their opinion on something I had an opinion on.

So, while the server is down for a rolling restart, let me take a moment to /salute you, my readers, for bearing with me and my blog.

And now, /sigh, it’s back to gathering herbs for my inscriptionist.

“Dear Diary,  Today I gathered 23 Golden Clovers. … Don’t tell anyone.”  🙂


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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4 Responses to Hello fellow Kirin Torites.

  1. Gladys says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

  2. samownall says:

    All wow bloggers simply write when they are bored ingame! Server is up… gota go 🙂
    Samownall – WoW Blog

  3. Saylah says:

    The personal stories and adventures are why I love blogs over gaming sites. I want to know what another “real” person thinks and feels about the games they’re playing. Meeting readers in game is a hoot and icing on the cake. I’ll remember that we met char to char in Warhammer Online even though we never played a single minute together. 😉

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