Tagged, I’m it. The 6th screenshot.

The meme happens to be the 6th screenshot in the 6th folder in the screenshots folder.

The tag is courtesy of The Game Dame.

Well, for starters, I lost a harddrive with EVERYTHING, almost, on it about a year ago.  So I did lose a lot of screenshots.

But with all my moving I do backup everything onto other computers as well as my notebooks so I actually have some of my oldest screenshots still around.

Let’s see what the 6th screenshot happens to be…

It’s actually a .TGA file, dated 16 Mar 2005.  I wonder what it could be of.

.TGA was the first format Blizzard used for screenshots.  Before they switched to the more popular .jpg format.  The .TGA file is 5MB and isn’t readable by anything on my vanilla Vista machine.

So it’s off to find and install Irfanview.  One sec.

Ah.  Voila.  Hey, hey.  It’s someone I was just talking about a couple days ago.  My Rogue, Darkhand.

Today he’s level 55.  Going on like 4 years ago he was level 27.  Can you believe it??

And I was already using addons, even way back then.

Anyway, here it is, my 6th screenshot, that I still have, taken back in March of 2005, of my Rogue, Darkhand, who I’m still playing today.  (Albeit rather slowly.)


I’ll have to put off my tags.  (Bear with me.  The wife, as Itarilde, awaits me in Dalaran.)


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