All my characters gone?

We’ve just experienced a complete and total character reset, and everyone’s characters are gone.  Without any means of recovery.

So posted Tobold earlier today.

See, I’d just read the start of the post via AllTop, and not the rest, and here’s what I saw:

During today’s maintenance we noticed a bug that corrupted all character data. We immediately proceeded to roll back to the backup version, but accidentally overwrote the backup with the corrupted data instead of the other way round. Now we have no valid copy of any character data left. In consequence we were forced to delete all characters on all servers. Everybody will have to reroll at level 1 again.

Now, I figured this can’t be for real.  I checked the post date, it was early Tuesday.  HMMMM.  Maybe.  It’s not April Fool’s Day, or some funny Belgian equivalent.  (Ketchup on your French Fries Day, or something.)  I checked WoWInsider’s AllTop entry and saw nothing like this.  Tobold was just being speculative.

And contemplating that statement for a second I thought to myself “If this is for real, I’m cool with it.”

No Death Knights.  Not for a few hours at least.

Just all of us, starting out from scratch.  No gear, no gold, no stockpiles of materials in the bank, no Mains to twink the Alts.

And what a restart it would be!

Millions of skilled players, starting over.  The Altoholics would be loving it, all over again.

It’d be glorious.  Like the game was brand new, and we’re back in November of 2004.  Bring it on!

See, I wouldn’t quit.  Heck no.

I’d pick a new server, one on my time zone.

Since I’ve had the opportunity now, over the years, to explore a few classes, I’d probably go Plate, and probably go Paladin.  The Mrs., I can’t speak for.  I wonder what she’d pick to play.  (Maybe she’ll post a comment here!)  But whatever she and I play it would be synergistic.  We’d manage, somehow, to achieve some semblance of the Holy Trinity (DPS+Tank+Heal) with just the two of us.

To answer Tobold’s question, I’d start over in a heartbeat, and love every moment of it.


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8 Responses to All my characters gone?

  1. Windpaw says:

    For half a moment there – I thought this was serious.

    And I was *so* happy.

    We seriously need to seek help >_<

  2. Psynister says:

    I wouldn’t mind it a bit. I would either roll a Mage or a Paladin, slight possibility of a Druid.

  3. Hisoldlady says:

    Well, hubby bubby, I guess I would create a mage or a druid. Both of these classes start out slow, but in the end they are so much fun to play. 🙂

  4. Well… I’d at least take a bit of time to see what other games had to offer, ya know? Pally would probably be my choice for a first character too.

  5. Psynister says:

    I’ve never been a fan of leaving one game to join another. Once a game is fun, I usually stick with it until I’m completely finished before moving on to another one. That’s why I didn’t pick up WoW until about this time last year; Diablo II was still entertaining.

  6. Saylah says:

    Someone just hit on the circumstance and idea that would get me to re-sub to WOW. If there was a massive reset, hell yes, I’d go back. There’s something twisted in that choice. LOL I’d go back Pally or Mage I think. Mage is the only class I started that never reached max level. It would be a touch choice though since I’ve fallen for melee healers since leaving WOW.

  7. Kinless says:

    Melee Healers. Then it’s just a choice between Tank (Pally) or DPS (Shaman). Or Druid and get the best of three worlds.

    But diving into a reset? That would be a rush.

  8. Saylah says:

    Part of the excitement would be experiencing what I felt was the best part of leveling (original WOW) where you know for a fact that you’d be able to get butts in the seats for the old world 5-mans while leveling.

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