Woo! Next stop: Earth!

The Mrs. was on the rocket behind me as we blasted deeper into the Storm Peaks zone.


It’s these kinds of rides that make we wish I’d just level an Engineer to the heights they’re capable of.

Next stop: the Terran home planet  of Earth!

We are leveling along.  Our Orcs are both 77 now.  I, Msaker, am looking forward to 78 and the new set of Savage Saronite armor I’ve got tucked away for myself in the bank.  He’s still Protection.  You get the invulnerable feeling and trying Fury momentarily made me feel very squishy.  Stormsoul just reached Exalted with the Sons of Hodir and is riding an Ice Mammoth now.  The Druids are doing two Kulak dailies in a quest for the fishing pole.  Shamans or DK’s are the only somewhat easy way of doing the Kulak daily in Howling Fjord.  Two words: Shark munch.  The lovely Effilda got a tour of Scholomance and the live side of Stratholme before being invited through the Dark Portal and starting her Outlands quests.

Is it me, or does everyone regard Outlands as a necessary evil now to reach the fun stuff in Northrend?  If they’d drop a level 58-68 island in the Maelstrom I’d wager nobody would return to the Outlands.  Archimonde and Illidian  are dead.  We’re on Arthas and Malygos now!


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3 Responses to Woo! Next stop: Earth!

  1. Windpaw says:

    I’ve been bouncing my warrior (Tigerclaw) back and forth between Prot and Fury so much that the respec guy is putting his kids through dental school with all my gold.

    Prot is a blast to level with now. You have a ton of health – casters hate, hate, hate you and the hits just don’t seem to do much damage.

    As fury – my swings are critically delicious but I go through a ton of bandages and can’t seem to stop eating. I enjoy *both*.

    For the moment I’m sticking fury – but only because the lag here in Afghaniland is too high for me to tank confidently. A dps dude can lag out or miss some swings and things don’t fall apart. If the tank lags out – it’s lights out and a higher repair bill.

    Once I’m home though? The dinner plate goes back on.

  2. pjharvey says:

    My proc warrior has just been a whirlwind of fun since the 2.4 patch boost. So much so that I haven’t come out of defensive stance since! With charge and beserker stance available, significantly buffed damage and stuns galore to use against mobs and PCs I’ve never felt so effective.

    I actually ditched playing a rogue because my prot warrior dps seemed just as good but with much higher survivability .

    As for Outlands, I still love that place and don’t consider it a necessary evil at all. I am currently leaning towards preferring it to Northrend, because of the latters severly restrictive level requirements for quests and the irritating initial chains you have to complete in each settlement before any other NPC will talk to you.

    The scenery and experience in Northrend is excellent, I am enjoying it quite a lot, but there are too many hoops to jump through that make me feel far less free than when I was in Outlands.

  3. The scenery and experience in Northrend is excellent, I am enjoying it quite a lot, but there are too many hoops to jump through that make me feel far less free than when I was in Outlands.

    I agree. The Northrend is crazy cool.

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