I play what I want to play.

I was there, 2004, having to choose between EQ 2 and World of Warcraft.

I never played EQ 1, and I had played a little bit of Warcraft.  I have some very fond memories of some matches played in the office over the network at lunch.  So when seeing a new MMO to play after Lineage II and my stint at combat arms in Call of Duty, I jumped into WoW.  And I’ve yet to surface.  The stuff I’m still seeing new each day amazes me.  (I’d never ridden the back of a crocodile until my 2nd time into Sholazar Basin.)

I did try Warhammer.  Got accounts for me and the wife.  Yes, yes, it’s a PvP game.  Or is it?  There’s PvE to be found there.  But put side by side with Warcraft, it just wasn’t providing me the fun I wanted.

Now, see the header?, I’ve gotten a LotRO account and I’ve joined my wife in Middle Earth.  That is just as different as WAR is to WoW.  What LotRO has that Warhammer didn’t?  Crafting. Meaningful creation of stuff to use and wear.  I like that.  (I’ve got leatherworkers and blacksmiths cranking out gear for our characters.  I’ve leveled up Inscription and Enchanting way past personal use on one character.  I dig the crafting.)  And in Middle Earth we aren’t surrounded by bodies and chaos.  I like that too.

And don’t get me wrong.  We’re going strong in World of Warcraft yet.  Two couples in Outlands, two couples in Northrend, and a couple of couples in Azeroth yet, eyeing that portal and the great beyond.

I play what I want to play.  I’m a lemming to my own personal idea of fun.


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1 Response to I play what I want to play.

  1. Faeldray says:

    Good for you! I think that should be every gamer’s motto. After all, the point of playing games is to have fun so what’s the point of playing a game that isn’t fun?

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