Orcs in space


Msaker and the lovely Orc Shaman Princess, Droonda, are aloft at last.

Level 77 is such a spectacular ding to make since you’ve recovered your own private flying equipment.

And, excuse me, it’s back to Sholazar Basin to stuff the bags full of ore!

P.S.  And maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe it’s just the Icehouse, but I’m seeing more folks suddenly flying Netherdrakes about in Northrend.  Like a mass of people who’ve got one have finally reached level 77 and flight.  About when I did with my own Netherdrake.  That’s further to say anyone who reached 80 in the first month was obviously pushing the envelope and wound up with proto-drakes and faction rewards and that’s what we’ve seen lots of so far.  The Netherdrake represented a slower approach to things perhaps?  Maybe it’s just the Icehouse.  What’d I’d give for a proper IPA.


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1 Response to Orcs in space

  1. Mark Koolers says:

    The graphics on this game are amazing. Long live WoW

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